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10 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

10 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally – Yes, you can lose without dieting or attending hardcore gym sessions, you can achieve that bringing in some lifestyle changes over the period of time you will see results. With the help of a gym or following fads diet, you can shed your weight fast but if you cannot follow them for a long period there are chances you will gain back the weight you just lost. You need to bring in some lifestyle changes.

Here is the list of some lifestyle changes that you can bring in that will help you to lose weight.

  • Start Eating fibre-rich Products:- Fiber or roughage is usually considered important to keep your gut clean and system functioning. most high fibre foods are low in calories and high on volume which makes you full for a longer time. Mostly the source of fibre is plant-based. You can change whole grains for refined grains like white bread, cakes and pasta in your diet. 
  • Add Proteins in Your Diet:- Protein-rich foods keep you fuller for a longer time as it more time to digest than carbs and fats. Breakfast of boiled egg or lentil cheela is quite filling and low in calories. You should cook your meats or chicken with less oil or should be grilled, boiled your food most of the time and use very less oil to prepare them. 
  • Start Eating Organic:- The first and foremost change you should bring in is that stop eating any food which has preservatives. These food are not at all good for your health and they are the reason behind your weight gain. 
  • Limit Sugar Intake:- For healthy levying one should only eat 5 grams of sugar in a day but nowadays we use to eat sugar in tea coffee or cookies it is everywhere. Sugar is linked with some of the world’s leading diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. 
  • Drink Water:- Many studies have concluded that drinking glass of water 30 mins before a meal is quite beneficial for weight loss as you tend to eat less than usual. One should at least drink 4 to 5 litres of water in a day both in summers/ winters. Water has zero calories in them so you drink as much as you can. You should replace your beverages such as soft drinks or juices with water as these beverages contain calories and their sugar content is high which becomes an obstacle in your weight loss journey. 
  • Count Calories:- Calorie counting can play an important role when you want to lose weight. Key benefits of calorie counting are that you would get to know the food what you are eating has this much calories in them. It helps you to calculate calorie and maintain deficit which eventually helps you to lose weight. 
  • Increase Your NEAT:- When you want to lose weight without dieting or exercising your 30% of weight loss journey depends upon your NEAT. What is NEAT Non-exercise activity thermogenesis it is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise? Which can be walking towards work, using stairs at work even fidgeting is calorie consuming so if you increase these activities you will surely increase your chance of losing weight. 
  • Get Enough Sleep:- On an average person needs to sleep 7 to 8 hours so he can stay away from stress and can recover from previous day activities. Studies have shown people who sleep less have chances to become obese as you would eat some snack that you did not suppose to eat. 
  • Know Your Portion:- You should know how much you should eat to remain healthy. If you can reduce the portion size of your meal by 10% daily you will get a significant change in weight in a years time. 
  • Order Food Smartly:- Nowadays you can order all kind of food at home or on restaurants whenever you go out or order home you try to order food which is not fried nor should be filled with dressings. for your salads you can skip dressing like mayo, cheese with salsa or hummus and for try to order food which is grilled.

Here are some ways you can compliment in your lifestyle so you can lose weight naturally without exercise or dieting.

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Last modified: January 30, 2020