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20 Foods that are labeled healthy actually they aren’t

When we are on a weight loss journey we tend to identify food which is a healthy option so we can remain in a calorie deficit but there are many foods that are labeled healthy foods aren’t actually that healthy. Manufacturers portray their product in such a way that we forget to check on labels and get distracted by misleading facts that are on the display of the product such as low fat, sugar-free or they hire celebrities who are known to general people as among the most healthy individuals so whatever they are eating or promoting will be healthy. In the end, these products are moreover more harmful than the manufacturers want to replace it with.

Here is the list of foods which are labeled healthy but are not that much healthy

1. Cereals- for an office going individual cereals are an easy option for breakfast as companies show you just put some in hot milk or cold milk according to your preference and you are done with breakfast. Cereals are termed healthy breakfast option as they convey that it is low in calories but they are loaded with sugars that can cause a surge of blood sugar in you.

2. Diet soda- Diet soda might have less than 1 calories in them as this drink is just a chemical formulas moreover it is more dangerous than regular sodas as sugar in replace in them by artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are known for causing cancers.

3. Energy drink- Energy drinks or sports drinks are consumed by athletes who loses essential nutrition while playing or training. These drinks have loads of sugars in them along to give people a boost of energy, but if individuals consume them on a regular basis are just taking lots and lots of sugar which will eventually lead to weight gain.

4. Diet chips- In India the chips manufacturers are labeling there new varieties of wafers as diet chips such as soya chips or banana chips. People get mistaken by the fact, these varieties are fried in oils and to put more taste they put extra salt in them.

5. Protein Bars- People consume protein bars and replace them with actual meals because they think they are consuming protein-rich food which is healthy. In real life, all the protein bars which are available use low quality of protein in them and they use lots of sugar in them. More than actual chocolates.

6. Granola Bars- Bars that are manufactured by ingredients such as granola are framed as healthy but actually these bars are loaded with sugar. These bars have more calories than regular chocolates as to sweetened these bars companies used sweeteners in them.

7. Gluten Free Bread- People get fooled by manufacturers when they want to eat healthy and the latest trend is to eat gluten-free bread or snacks actually you have to be gluten resistant than you only need to eat food that has no gluten in them and there are very few individuals who are gluten tolerant. Gluten bread has more calories than regular bread along with that, they are way more expensive than other bread available in the market.

8. Dried Fruits- People do not have time to cut and eat fruits in daily life but they are ready to spend loads of money on dried fruits products. Companies have to use extra sugars in them to make them sweet along with that they use preservatives to increase their storage life. So it’s better to eat raw fruits than these claimed healthy dried fruits.

9. Sugar Free Sweaters- people replace their sugar in these favorite beverages with artificial sweeteners such as stevia which is labeled to have fewer calories than your normal sugar. But these artificial sweeteners are more harmful to your body they lead to dangerous diseases so it’s better to use regular sugar in less amount than using artificial sweeteners.

10. Flavoured Yogurt- Yogurt is among the healthy food options so companies use this opportunity and manufactured yogurt in many delightful flavors as people think they are consuming yogurt which is healthy along with that they are replacing ice cream with this. In real life, this yogurt is crated with artificial substances and they but lots of sugar in them to make them sweet. These yogurts are as much harm to your body as ice creams are.

11. Salad Dressings- When we eat salads we think we are consuming a low-calorie meal as these vegetables have very few calories in them. And when we put dressing on them we make them one of the most unhealthy foods as you increase calories of your meals and these dressings are made up of oils and fats which are loaded in calories.

12. Instant Oats- When we consume flavor less oats we are consuming one of the best carbs loaded meals so companies try to manufacture oats with different flavors in them. These instant oats are equal to consuming instant noodles because companies use extra salts in them to make them flavourful.

13. Fruit Juices- When you consume fruit juice you think you are getting the nutrition of real fruit but actually you are consuming a chemical formula which is added with flavor to make you are consuming your favorite fruit. These juices are just sugary drink which does not have any nutrition it is just an empty calorie drink.

14. Microwave Popcorn- Popcorns are very healthy snacks as it is extremely low in calories. But when you eat microwaveable popcorn these popcorns come extra butter in them which makes them unhealthy along with that, they have loads of preservatives in them to make them last longer.

15. Margarine- People replace their yellow butter with margarine and think are consuming fewer calories but actually margarine is just a chemical formula made up of vegetable oils which are extremely unhealthy.

16. Whole Wheat Bread- Whole wheat bread is actually not a real term as these bread are made up of as all-purpose floor that is present in your regular white bread but manufactures display them as these are made up of wheat only. These bread have as many calories in them as to the regular bread and these are more costly.

17. Vegetable Oils- Sadly, not everything that comes from a vegetable is a health food. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil can raise bad cholesterol and increase your risk of heart disease. It’s better to cook at home made ghee which fresh and healthy and has many nutritional benefits.

18. Pancake Syrup- These syrup are made with two ingredients you should always avoid: health-harming, gut-expanding high fructose corn syrup, and caramel coloring. High fructose corn syrup is an ingredient that has been linked with abdominal obesity, overall weight gain, impaired insulin sensitivity, and the drive to overeat. If you want to lose weight, stick with 100% pure maple syrup in moderation.

19. Low Fat Peanut Butter- Don’t try to improve your health by ditching full-fat peanut butter for the lighter stuff. Many brands make up for the flavor they’ve taken out of your PB with tons of extra sugar and salt while reducing the amount of heart health-promoting monounsaturated fat. Go for all-natural peanut butter.

20. Iced Tea- Tea is among the most consumed beverage in India. So the manufacturers come with a new variety of cold beverages for Indian consumers as Indians have the liking for tea. This Ice is to appeal to your people to consume them. People think tea is a healthy drink but to appeal to young generation companies use loads of sugar in them and make them one of the most unhealthy beverages available.

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Last modified: March 11, 2020