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Benefits of leaving coffee for some time

In this hustle-bustle times we are always on toes for that we indulge in caffeine by drinking tea, coffee, sodas or taking caffeine supplements. The best part of caffeine is we get extra focus at work and energy for our workout. We get so much addicted to caffeine that we cannot leave it.

People think they cannot perform daily chores without the there daily dose of caffeine. As it comes with lots of opf benefits but anything in abundance can be bad for your health.

Caffeine has widespread effects on the central nervous system, as well as hormonal, metabolic, muscular, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and renal functions—and quitting caffeine could reverse these effects.

Better absorption of vitamins-

When we quit caffeine for some time your body will start absorbing minerals and vitamins better than the time you were taking caffeine in abundance as there is a stimulant in caffeine tannins.

Tannins become an obstacle for your body to absorb for absorbing vitamin b, iron and calcium.

Reduces Anxiety-

Overindulgence of caffine affects our nervous system. Chief among these actions is the competitive antagonism at adenosine receptors. Adenosine is a neuromodulator that is structurally similar to caffeine but causes mild sedating effects. Caffeine opposes these mild sedating effects and at higher levels, likely boosts anxiety, jitteriness, and nervousness. People who have symptoms of stress and anxiety extra dose of coffee will increase these effects. So its better to quit for some time and feel les anxious.

Better sleep-

People who indulge in caffeine consumption before the time of sleep can feel insomniac as caffeine will lead to feel jittery and make you more alert and your body will not rest. Many studies have shown caffeine intake can affect your sleep cycle and when you sleep at night late you will wake up late next day and you would be feeling drowsy. So it’s better not to consume coffee for some time and enjoy better sleep.

Less Urine-

Caffeine is a diuretic which means it makes you go to the bathroom more than usual time. So if you cut of caffeine intake you would be spending less time at washrooms and it will not make you feel thirsty every time you drink coffee.

Fewer Headaches-

Overconsumption of caffine leads to too much dependence on it and when it loses its effects you go through a phase known as caffeine withdrawal. In this phase, you feel jittry and get headaches and your body wants more of caffeine.

Lowers bloodpresure-

When you leave caffine intake you can lower your blood presure levels as over consumption and with the time you have increased your blood presure so you need to give it a break to improve your health.

Balanced Harmones for women-

Women can benefit from going caffine free life as it hampers there estrogen levels which gets effected by caffine laden beverages such as tea, coffee, sodas, supplements. Changing estrogen levels can be particularly concerning if you have an increased risk for a condition like breast cancer and ovrian cancer.

Healthier whiter teeth-

Caffine discolors your teeth and makes them stain. his is due to the high level of tannins found in these drinks, which cause buildup and discolored tooth enamel. And the acidic nature of caffine damages your teeth.

Will start working again-

when you are consuming caffine laden beverages for a long period of time. Your body gets tolerent to it and it loses its pottency so when you leave coffe for some time you will body will reap the benefits of coffee when you start them again.

Good for your heart-

Caffeine stimulates the heart muscle and making it beat with more force and intensity so it’s better to give your heart a break from that for some period of time. While this isn’t problematic for most people, those with underlying heart conditions can be at risk. People can be unaware that they even have a heart disorder until they begin to consume caffeine and the damage is done.

A healthy digestion-

Caffine intake creates issues for your digestive system and hampers it for proper functioning. consuming especially large amounts of coffee can cause diarrhea or loose stools.

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Last modified: March 17, 2020