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Best 125cc Bikes In India 2015

125cc bikes offer the best of everything. They are powerful enough to keep you ahead in city traffic, while being low on maintenance. This segment is also no longer about fulfilling mere commuting needs with manufacturers putting a lot of importance to their bikes’ styling. But what probably works the most in their favour is the high mileage 125cc bikes offer. Here’s a lowdown on the top five fuel-efficient 125cc bikes in India at the moment..generally many manufacturers are offering bikes in thissegment but we have selected following bikes.

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Honda Stunner ( Ranked#1 in all listed; 34% votes, Total: 747 votes )*

Honda Stunner – Honda Stunner accompanied by a sporty look along with the graphical design complements the rider’s dashing personality. The stylish bike offers a low maintenance cost to its rider and satisfies the owner with a great fuel efficiency it delivers. It gives any biker an experience of a hassle free ride.

The bike has some awesome technical specification as chain drive and digital CDI ignition. The maximum power provided by the bike is around 10 PS and torque is about 11 bhp. The full tank capacity measures around 10 liters, which gives it an excellent storage. The bike has telescopic fork suspension. The on-road price is about 61,000, which varies according to accessories along with the bike. The gear box is manual. The bike is available in colors like red, black, and green and yellow. The bike has become popular for the style, comfort and quality. However, the average kmpl is not as satisfactory according to the users.

Bajaj Discover 125 ( Ranked#2 in all listed; 31% votes, Total: 747 votes )*

Bajaj Discover 125 ST – craves to deliver power, the power to be marvelous, the power to be brave and the power to stay ahead from all its competitors. Bajaj has efficiently engineered this bike to deliver a power-packed performance accompanied by a great fuel efficiency. The Discover 125 ST has been complemented with Bajaj’s patent DTSi Twin Spark technology.

The engine of this bike has features like 4 valve twin spark and facility of air-cooled. The maximum power given by the bike is 13 PS@ 9000 RPM, with the maximum torque of 1.1 KGM @ 7000 RPM. The front brake is about 200 mm petal disc, while rear brake is around 130 mm drum style. The bike is available in colors like blue, blue-black, red and red-black. The bike has nitrox monoshock on a commuter motorcycle, which is probably first of this kind. The bike is available for rupees 57,000 in India. The price is comparatively can be held as value for money

Hero Glamour ( Ranked#3 in all listed; 26% votes, Total: 747 votes )*

Hero Glamour – The Hero Glamour from Hero Motor Corp. produces 9PS of power from its single cylinder 124.7cc air-cooled engine. The bike can do 0-60km/h in 7.1sec and achieve a top speed of 98.3km/h. The Glamour’s 13.6 litre fuel tank ensures the bike runs 938km without needing to refuel. While the Hero Glamour wins the fuel efficiency battle with a mileage of 69kmpl, at Rs 52,500 ex-showroom, Delhi, it is also the most expensive bike in this pack.

The bike provides the front suspension as telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and the rear suspension is rectangular swing arm with 5 step adjustable hydraulic shock absorber. The gear box is of 4 speed constant mesh. The front brake is of disc 240 mm Dia while the rear brake measures to Disc 130 mm Dia. The bike is available in colors like orange-black, red, red-black, black-white. The model has already got rave reviews from the bike lovers, with its astonishing looks and fashionable cut-out. It is predicted to be the favorite of the youngsters of this generation.

TVS PHOENIX ( Ranked#4 in all listed; 9% votes, Total: 747 votes )*

TVS Phoenix – TVS has rolled out its real fighter in the 125cc segment of bikes with the name of Phoenix. TVS Phoenix has got within itself a tremendously mastered Engine coupled with a great fuel efficiency. It promise its rider to assist him in soaring higher like a fabled bird.

The Bike has an impressing mileage of 45 kmpl and fuel tank capacity of 12 liters. It gives maximum power of 10 PS and torque of 10.4 Nm @6000 RPM. The price of this stylish bike ranges from 48,900 to 50,000 in India. The bike presents dual-tone graphics. The available colors are blue, black and green. The front suspension is telescopic oil damped. It is available for rupees 50,000. It also provides LED headlamps, which gives a great reflection and light. It is regarded as the fashionable and stylish look, which is a great advantage nowadays.

Honda Shine ( Ranked#5 in all listed; 1% votes, Total: 747 votes )*
Honda shine is the best seller in 125 cc bikes in india. Every month around 70,000 bikes sold by Honda motorcycles. Shine is most sucessfull bike of Honda. The CB Shine gets some nice graphics that can be seen running all over the fuel tank.
Honda shine is in a diamond frame. It has strong flaxible frame has proven for the indian road condition.The motorcycle gets a lightweight advanced diamond frame and is powered by 124cc single cylinder air-cooled engine. The engine churns out 10.12bhp at 7500 rpm and 10.54Nm at 5500 rpm and is mated to a four speed gearbox with all back (N-1-2-3-4) shift patterns. 80/100 tubeless tyres for both the front and the rear are standard on this bike. The CB Shine gets 240mm front disc and 130mm rear drum that provide decent traction under braking. The CB Shine has a kerb weight of 120kg which is pretty decent for a 125cc motorcycle.Honda shine gives 65 kmpl mileage.which is make a most seller & popular bike. 

We have done a forward count – from most fuel efficient

Specifications Hero Glamour Honda Stunner:  Bajaj Discover
Engine: 124cc single cylinder,  124.7cc engine –  124.6cc air-cooled
air-cooled engine  engine
Peak PoweR 9 PS 11.15 PS 11 PS
Max Torque: 10.3Nm@4000rpm 11Nm@6500rpm 11Nm@7000rpm
Top speed 98.3kmph 100.3kmph 102.2kmph
Kerb wieght 129 124.5 124.5
Brakes: Front disk Rear  drum Front disk Rear  drum Front disk Rear  drum
Fuel Tank Capacity: 13.6 lt 11 lt 8 lt
Mileage: 69kmpl 68.3kmpl 68kmpl
Price  Rs 52500 Rs 51425 Rs 48540
Specifications  TVS PHOENIX Honda CB Shine
Engine: 124cc single cylinder 124.7 cc air cooled
air cooled engine
Peak PoweR 10PS
Max Torque: 10.4Nm@6000rpm 10.54bhp@5500rpm
Top speed 106.6kmph 93kmph
Kerb wieght 126 118
Brakes: Front disk Rear  drum Front disk, Rear Drum
Fuel Tank Capacity: 12 lt 10.5 L
Mileage: 45kmpl 65 kmpl
Price Rs 50000 Rs 47514

Final verdict

From the above table it is clear that GLAMOUR emerges as a winner because of following

1) Butter Smooth Engine.
2) No Vibration Even @ 70 kmph Speed.(Shine Vibrates just above 50kmph)
3) good  Mileage of 69kmpl.
4) Combination of Sporty and Commuter Look. (Shine look is much behind Glamour)
5) Any Age can ride it so, very good resell value.


*Note: The Rank is based on readers voting. You can also vote to your favorite bike through the vote section.