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Comparison: TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa i

Jupiter is one of the latest’s attractions in the market for Indian automobiles. Recently launched by the TVS Company, the Jupiter is regarded as the close competitor of Honda Activa-i. The first had been said to be accompanied with good looks and exteriors along with the advanced technology. Here are the few points on the basis of which we can compare the TVS Jupiter and Honda Activa-i:

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Exterior Qualities:- Both of these motorbikes are similar when it comes to the installation of headlamps and alloy wheels. Headlamps are of 35W in both of the models, providing powerful ignition. Stand alarm is not present in any of the models. Fuel tanks also have similar capacities for storage being 5.3 liters. Thus, the difference can be seen only in the case of ground clearance. The Jupiter has ground clearance of 150 mm, while that of Honda Activa-i is 165 mm.

Available Colors:- The TVS Jupiter is available in colors like white, black, grey and red. The Honda Activa-i is available in variety of colors such as; red, black, white, purple and beige. Accordingly, we can say that the Activa-i has more choices to offer to the customers.

TVS Jupiter 2013

Mileage and Engine Power:- When it comes to the engine performance and power, it is necessary to study the maximum power, engine capacity and torque of both the models. Here is a small chart of technical specifications that is easier way to find out the best model.

Specifications TVS Jupiter Honda Activa-i
Engine Type Single stroke, OHC engine 4-stroke and air cooled engine
Displacement of the machine 109.7cc 109.2cc
Maximum power 8bhp@ 7500 rpm 8bhp 7500rpm
Available torque 8Nm at 5500rpm 8.4Nm at 5500 rpm
Mileage 62 kmpl 60 kmpl
Gears Automatic V-automatic

Honda Activa i

Other Features:- There are some other interesting features which are different in both of these bikes. If we discuss about the suspension, front side is telescopic in Jupiter while it is hydraulic spring loaded in Activa-i. The rear suspension of Junpiter is Hydraulic damper while that of Activa-i’s is spring loaded hydraulic. Both the models offer foot rest and self-start. However, Pass light is available only in Jupiter, not in Activa-i.

Price:- The Jupiter is available at 44,750 rupees in India, while the Honda Activa-i is priced at Rs. 43,809. The price has a very negligible difference, of nearly 900 rupees. Thus, it can be held that both the models are available at same price.