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Home Workout without Equipment at the Time of Curfew

We all are stuck at our houses due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus outbreak. The government has established lockdown in our cities. We can’t go out of our homes and many of us are missing our gym badly.

We have prepared workouts which can be done at home without any equipment. Many online trainers in India are charging huge amounts for home workouts but we will be sharing workout daily in these tough times.

Download the Tabata app on your smartphone. It is available in both iOS and Play store.


Move your neck 5 times clockwise, then 5 times anti-clock wise.

Rotate Your Waist 10 times each Side.


200 Jumps – if you have a skipping rope do with it or else do simple jumps. 

10-10 each leg lunges warm up :-
Do lunges each leg 10 times then do lunges on the other leg 10 times.

100 Jumping Jacks:- Do 100 jumping jacks at one go if you are not able to perform in one go do it in two sets of 50 each. 


Today we will perform (AMRAP). As many reps as possible in the given time. 

We will do 5 exercise each lasting 45 seconds each and we will rest for 15 seconds in between two exercise. Total we will do 5 cycles. 

1 Burpes:- We will do burpees for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. It is quite simple all body workout. How to perform it.

First stand straight, then jump in the air, then do down towards the floor in the plank position, then bend your legs and move them forward and last again stand up and perform it again.

2 Squat Jumps:- Squat jumps are an excellent workout for your legs and core. How to perform it. 

Firstly, spread your legs as wide as your shoulders and then go in a squat position then from that position jump in the air with intensity.

For Beginners- Do regular squats without the jumps for 45 seconds. 

3 Shoulder Tap:- Come on the plank position then tap your shoulders with alternate hand.

4 Alternate lunge flip- Do alternate lunges on the top with a jump. 

For a beginner, if you can’t perform an alternate lunge with a jump then do lunge one leg at a time.

5 Plank hold with leg raise- Perform plank with one leg in the air for 22 seconds then the leg in the air remaining time.

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Last modified: March 27, 2020