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    hyundai eon leads….!

  2. 2


    Maruti has the biggest network and the parts are cheaper, so in this segment- would love to choose maruti

  3. 3


    Style and performance Wise – Hyundai EON is best selection

    or if you are looking for kitna deti hai type of car thn go for ALTO 800.

    Choice is yours

  4. 4

    navjyot singh

    if u r looking for a trendy ride with loads of features then obv hyundai eon is the right choice bt if u want value for money car then go for maruti alto 800.

  5. 5


    As an indian mfrs,go 4 alto800.And build our indian economy. bharosa hai,milege hai,better service station bhi hai.

  6. 6

    yash paul

    comparison is incomplete averagas not compared

  7. 7


    alto is far supperior car then eon..better performance and mileage..eon is only good looking..

  8. 8


    Eon has a vry shaky drive..

  9. 9


    Thanks for bringing out this detailed comparison this was helpful..

  10. 10


    Can you also include some pictures of both the vehicles?

  11. 11

    hyundai far mch better....

    Your message…

  12. 12


    Eon(y) – korean cars are anytime better then maruti .

  13. 13

    sachin gupta

    enough of marti alto now

  14. 14

    no comparison .....alto s d best

    No comparison…alto s d best….

  15. 15


    Hyundai eon is far better choice than alto…

  16. 16

    Mohit sapra

    Hyundai eon is better anyday

  17. 17


    Eon is a perfect car for me..grt looks. .grt mileage

  18. 18

    Sushant Verma

    Maruti is one of the most trustworthy n leadng company in india…

  19. 19


    Hyundai Eon anyday ..

  20. 20


    rightly said

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