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Myths And Facts About Fitness, Gyms, And Diet

Nowadays with social media influence, each and everybody is a fitness expert. Whether he started going to the gym 3 years ago or he is going for 10 years. If something has worked for your body you think it will work with everybody. Bro science prevails in most of the gym.

The beginners who recently started going to the gym they want some direction and motivation so they can achieve their goals for that they seek help from the trainers or they identify people whose the most muscular in case of boys. But having a good body does not tell you to have all the knowledge related to fitness.

Here is the list of myths and facts that you come across at gyms

Spot Reduction- When at the gym, many people come up and ask trainers that they just want bo reduce belly fat or they just want to lose fat from thighs or lose fat from the chest. These are the most common demands of beginners. The thing is to stop reduction is a myth if some trainer tell that you can help you reduce fat from certain body parts he is just cheating you.

Your body lose fat from all over the body with the help of a clean diet and exercise you cannot do 1000 sit-ups and reduce fat from belly it’s just not possible.

Carbs make you fat- Do not follow any kind of fad diets that tells you completely cut out essential macronutrient carbohydrates from your diet. Carbs are not the reason you are getting fat. The reason you are gaining weight is that you eating unhealthy food and not moving enough. If you consume the number of calories that are required for the maintenance of your body you won’t gain weight. If you over do you will gain weight. Or if under do the calories you will reduce weight this the fact. It does not depend upon which macro nutrient you consuming whether it is fat, protein or carbs.

The more you sweat more you will lose weight- when you go to the gym you see many people wearing jumpers in summers you must be amused by that they feel by wearing an extra layer of clothes you will sweat more and eventually lose weight. It’s a myth that you lose weight when you sweat more. Sweating means you are losing 90% of water 10 % of minerals from your body you are not losing fat from extensive sweating.

Women who lift heavy becomes big- It is a myth that you would become big when you lift heavy it is the same case with both men and women. When you lift heavy and eat protein you will pack muscles. A muscular woman looks toned.

Eating 6 meals a day helps you to lose weight- many trainer and dietician tell their followers that they should consume 6 mini-meals in a day. It works for some people and it does not work for others. It all depends on individual metabolism and how he digests food.

Squats are bad for knees- Doing any exercise with the wrong form can be dangerous as squat is a component exercise people tend to increase the weight on the rack and if the form is not correct it can be bad for your knees.

More you do cardio more you will lose weight- Most of the people think in the gym the only way to lose weight is to lots of cardio. It is a myth that cardio is the only tool to lose weight you lose weight with a clean diet and strength training. Strength training is an essential tool for fat burning. With the help of strength training, you build muscles. A person with more muscles you burn more fat while exercising and as well as resting. As it increases your rest rate metabolism. More the Rrm more you would burn fat while resting.

Avoid gluten- It’s a the trend going around at the food and health industry many bakers are making bread which is gluten-free and is making this bread and charging you more. You have to understand all people do not have to avoid gluten-free bread if and unless you are allergic to gluten.

12 weeks shredding plans- Most of the fitness gurus, Instagram stars and YouTube heroes sell there 12-week shredding plans where they tell you when you buy there plan they will completely transform your body and make to lean and muscular. These plans are all myths as to transform the body naturally you do not need months you need years of consistent workout and diet according to your goals. They can help you lose a certain amount of weight or help you gain little muscles but if they are conveying them can totally transform you making you fat to fit within 3 months its just not humanly possible.

Clean eating- You see your trainers eating salad or eggs or boiled chicken on a daily basis and you also try to follow them by eating this diet. You have to understand clean eating does not only include bland foods you can create your own diet plan which includes all kinds of vegetables and meats. Most of us are not competing in a bodybuilding competition we just want to look good. So you don’t have to what your trainer is eating.

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Last modified: February 7, 2020