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NEAT helps you to loose weight

What is NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis)?

NEAT are the activities you perform on a daily basis which helps you in burning calories not including your daily exercise routine, eating and sleep time. Activities like walking to your office or gym rather then going by car using stairs then escalator, cleaning your house. Many researchers have shown Neat is more important for your fat loss journey then your 1 or 2 hour of workout in a day.

In a day their are 24 hours of which 9 to 10 hours you are either sleeping, eating or doing any sports related activity so in the rest of the day if you can be increase your NEAT activities that will help in achieving your target of loosing weight more efficiently and easily.

When you want to loose weight you just don’t need to follow a healthy diet or a daily exercise routine but you can utilise your rest of your day in a way that will achieve your goal.

NEAT is an essential tool for loosing weight for burning one gram of fat from your body you need to burn 3500 calories so for eg if the target is to burn 1 gram of fat in a week so for that you were heavily dependent on your gym and very little of NEAT like you are burning 500 calories in gym and 200 through Neat it will take around 7 days in achieving your target of burning 1 gram of fat but if increase your NEAT by burning 200 calories more like walking your dog or playing with your kids you can achieve your target in 4 to 5 days then taking the full week.

We should put more emphasis on NEAT more then ever because of your now daily routines on which we like most of the people are working at a place where we are continuously sitting at one place and the only movement we do is to go for a toilet break or getting up for lunch. To reach our place of work we are using cars and bikes after that when we reach home we are so tired that we eat our food at bed and after that we sleep over there

truth is that we don’t move much nowadays compared to our parents and grandparents generations they used to do there daily chores by themselves not like nowadays that we are way more dependent on online services like they deliver food and other items at our homes not like the our parents generations who used to their dairy chores by themselves so they were more active during the day then us as did not require a tiresome gym session to remain healthy.

Ways to increase NEAT

  1. Try to walk more as much is possible like if you want to the nearby market earlier you used your car or bike to reach there try to walk to the market and when ever you or on phone start walking around after finishing your food go for a walk with your pals rather then sitting at couches.
  2. try to climb stairs like on metro stations do dnot take escalators or lifts go for stairs plus point is that they are less crowded. If your office is at 10 floor we do not expect that you will climb all that stairs we propose that you should take lift till 5th floor then climb rest of the stairs.
  3. Do your errands – In this internet dependent world we order our grocery online we shop online the culture of going to the local grocery shop is food is finishing but he again started going to the local markets walking it will increase our neat.
  4. do your chores- It’s easy to hire people to come in to take care of your chores and housework for you. Bring someone in to mow the lawn, or tend to your garden. Sitting is enticing, and manual labor is tough. But taking care of the things around your house that require physical effort is a great way to use energy.

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Last modified: January 30, 2020