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Top 100 cc Bikes in India 2015


100cc bikes are known as commuter class bikes made generally for those common people who can’t afford to spend much money for travelling . So keeping in mind these things Indias leading manufacturers have created a class of 100cc bikes for the people .generally these bikes are not much good in looks but when it comes to performance there is no answers to regarding them .Hereis the look on some of the best 100c bikes available in indian market-;


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Hero Splendor Plus ( Ranked#1 in all listed; 18% votes, Total: 252 votes )*

Hero Splendor Plus Splendor has always been Hero’s largest selling bike. This bike has made Hero what it is today. Currently, Hero sells one of its variants as Splendor Plus which was launched almost four years ago. Recently, Hero has revised this bike after their separation from Honda. Let’s know.

Bajaj Discover 100 ( Ranked#2 in all listed; 18% votes, Total: 252 votes )*

Bajaj Discover 100 4G Bajaj has launched the updated version of Discover 100 which is its largest selling bike in India. The bike has been renamed as Discover 100 4G. Let’s try to know about these changes in detail.Bajaj has launched the updated version of Discover 100 which is its largest selling bike in India. The bike has been renamed as Discover 100 4G. Electric Start, Auto choke, Alloy wheelsLED Tail Lamps, Twin pilot lampsMaintenance free battery, 4 Speed GearboxSecond Generation DTS-Si 2.0 EngineGas charged rear suspension.

Hero Passion Pro ( Ranked#3 in all listed; 17% votes, Total: 252 votes )*

Hero Passion Pro is one of the largest selling bikes in the world. It’s the second most popular bike of Hero after Splendor. This bike has always been marketed as a premium 100cc bike which created a new segment of bikes in India. Let’s know more about the recently upgraded version of this reputed bike.

Bajaj Discover 100M ( Ranked#4 in all listed; 16% votes, Total: 252 votes )*

Bajaj Discover 100M On 15th October Bajaj launched another variant of Discover series in 100 cc category Discover100M. M stants for mileage as the company promises that bike will shell out a mileage of upwards of 80 to 85 kmpl. he Discover 100M is a 4-valve 102cc DTS-i engine, which is good for 9.3PS/9.02Nm and has a claimed top speed of 95kmph. Unlike the 100T, which has a 5-speed box, the 100M gets a 4-speed gearbox. The bike is Priced at Rs 44,754 ex show room delhi.

TVS Sport ( Ranked#5 in all listed; 12% votes, Total: 252 votes )*

TVS Sport is one of the least known and selling bikes in our Indian bike market. This entry level bike is yet to become popular in its segment. With few changes and new price tag, TVS hopes that this time it will manage to perform better than before and will compete with other rivals like Bajaj Discover, Platina and the best seller in its segment.

Bajaj Platina ( Ranked#6 in all listed; 11% votes, Total: 252 votes )*

Bajaj Platina Good performance motorcycles in the “Commuter” class have brought Bajaj significant success, and the Bajaj Platina is a new entry in its popular line-up, aimed at the very lowest end of the market, where profit margins are tight but there’s plenty of potential for great success, with the right bike.

Hero HF Deluxe ( Ranked#7 in all listed; 8% votes, Total: 252 votes )*

Hero HF Deluxe is an entry level bike from Hero which takes on other modern commuter bikes like Bajaj Platina. This bike is more or less a redesigned version of HF Dawn. This bike targets urban commuters and has been recently renamed after Hero’s separation from Honda.

Splendor NXG ( Ranked#8 in all listed; 5% votes, Total: 252 votes )*

Splendor NXG Hero India has launched New Splendor NXG and the slogan for new bike is "Yaari Ki Gaadi". The facelift of the bike is again Hero style with new graphics and stickers. The basic shape and features of the bike are same like the old Splendor NXG. Next Generation (NXG) variant of Hero’s largest selling bike, Splendor was launched in order to get the attention of our Indian youth. However, despite having modern looks this bike couldn't manage to do so. Hero has once again launched this bike with few changes and hopes for better results this time.

Bike Model Engine Displacement Power Torque Official Mileage (kmpl) Top Speed Price
Hero Passsion Pro 97.2cc 7.6 Bhp @ 7500 rpm 8.04Nm @4500 67.5kmpl 98kmph Rs 47436
Hero Splendor NXG 97.2cc 7.8 Bhp @ 7500 rpm 8.04Nm @4500 67kmpl 97kmph Rs 44814-48702
Bajaj Discover 100 4g 94.38 cc 7.5 Bhp @ 7500 rpm 7.85Nm@ 5000 rpm 69kmpl 100kmph Rs 44026
TVS Sport 99.7cc 7.5 Bhp @ 7500 rpm 7.5Nm @5000 65kmpl 85kmph 39720-42670
Hero Splendor Plus 97.2cc 7.4 Bhp @ 8000 rpm 7.95Nm @5000 67kmpl 82KMPH Rs 45655
Bajaj Platina 99.27cc 8.2 Bhp @ 7500 rpm 8.05Nm @4500 66kmpl 90kmph Rs 37044-39030
Hero HF Deluxe Alloy 97.2cc, OHC 7.8 Bhp @ 7500 rpm 8 Nm @ 4500 rpm 65 KMPL 85kmph Rs 42216




Hero Splendor NXG ranges from INR 42000-46000.This is the cheapest variant of Splendor which is priced very smartly. It has a reliable and trusted engine which delivers satisfactory performance and fuel efficiency. It rides well and looks trendier than regular Splendor and other rivals. At this price with an option of self-start, it’s a complete value for money bike and should get a positive response from our youth.

Hero Passion Pro ranges from INR 45350-50000 (ex-showroom, Delhi (approx., may vary)). Yes, for a 100cc bike, this is a heavy price tag but still the bike has immense number of buyers. Its sophisticated looks, refined and fuel efficient engine are the major contributors to its high sales. It’s less cost of ownership and high resale value makes it a complete value for money bike and that’s why it’s the first choice of those buyers who want premium looks without compromising on fuel efficiency.

Bajaj Platina is not that much good in performance or acceleration . For those on a tight budget who want decent performance and reliable hardware, the Platina is a strong offering from Bajaj, one that has secured their success in this segment of the vehicle market.

 Discover 4G  is priced at INR has the stylish design and impressive qualities which are missing in its rivals and provides good mileage. The bike is already quite popular in market and with its cheaper price tag; and  it’s a complete value for money bike.

There are only two things about TVS Sport which may prompt you to buy it; first its fuel efficiency and second its price. It’s priced below than most of its competitors which may work in the favour of this bike otherwise we find it hard for this bike to succeed TVS Sport is priced at INR 40000 (approx.).. It has many drawbacks like its slow and less refined engine with poor after sale services and resale value of TVS. We don’t think if it’s a value for money bike because at this price you can have other trusted bikes which are more powerful and easy to maintain with high resale value

New Hero HF Deluxe offers acceptable looks and performance. It’s a nice option for those want a Hero bike which is cheaper than Splendor and looks more stylish than earlier  HF Dawn. This bike is capable enough to give a tough competition to its biggest rival, Bajaj Platina. Ride and handling of this bike is also very satisfactory. Moreover, its high resale value, fuel efficiency and wide service network of Hero is an additional benefit.  it’s a complete value for money bike as it’s easy on pocket and comes with a reliable and refined engine.