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What is Calorie Deficit? And How it Can be Achieved.

Weight loss occurs when you are on calorie deficit. Calorie deficit means when you are eating less calories then you are consuming then with time you will have weight loss. There is no magic pill or a diet that makes you loose weight. All diets somehow make you eat less calories then your body requires this is the reason for weight loss.

Calorie deficit can be achieved through eating less calories or burning more calories when you are working out but for an ideal weight loss program you need to find a balance between the both. first you need to identify how much calories your body requires it depends upon your weight, height, gender and genes.

To burn 1 gram of fat you need to burn 3500 calories which may sound too much but if you make a deficit of 500 calories per day with that you can achieve your target of burning 1 gram of fat. When you create a calorie deficit, your body gets energy or fuel from stored fat. This is the extra fat that you carry on your hips or thighs your stomach. Stored fat is stored energy. Your body can use it to keep moving instead of using energy from food. When your body burns fat for energy, you lose weight.

How to Make Calorie Deficit – To achieve your target of burning 1 gram of fat per week you don’t need to follow some fat diet which makes you starve or start some difficult exercise which may give you injury. You just need to be smart lets find how it can be done:-

Through Food – If we eat less food then required which include cutting down your portions, if your eating 3 breads in a day eat then eat 2 or cut down of snacking finding low calorie alternatives like fruits, nuts rather eating wafers. If we can bring in these small changes in our meals that will eventually help us to achieve calorie deficit through food.

Through Exercise – We need to be smart with our exercise regime so if you do walking as a exercise burn you can add little bit of jogging that will increase the calorie amount that you would be burning. If you are a gym regular you are doing 5 exercise of singe muscle part you can do 3 3 exercise of 2 muscle part which will make you burn more calories. You have to be smart with workout that will help you achieve your target.

Increase Your NEAT – It included all those activities which burn calories when you are fidgeting, waling to work, playing with your children that you do during the day exuding your calorie burn from exercise. So if you increase your NEAT by 10% on a daily base you will more calories then you would of have think off because you have 14 to 15 hours in day that you perform NEAT activities. For eg if you taking lift to your work station you can take stairs, whenever you need to call or get a call you should start walking or you can take your dog for a walk and you can take your children to park these small small activities makes you burn calories.

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Last modified: January 30, 2020