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In this post we are going to inform you about best 5 websites to check your internet speed in real time. Peoples always curious about to know their internet speed status. It has become our habit to check our internet speed twice in a day or may be more times. We found 5 best sites to check internet speed just for you. You can also compare your internet speed from old to new service provider as well. It will help you to decide which is good service provider or where you want to move. Sometimes your internet connection not working properly but you never know that who is faulting here. In that conditions you clear your all doubt by checking your Internet speed at the same time. It will be very usefull hack to find proper solution of your internet connection.

Top 5 Websites in India for Internet Speed Test.

1. Ookla Speed Test

Ookla is one of best site for check internet speed test across the country. The website has a beautiful interface which allow you to check straightforward download speed, uploading speed and ping status as well. Users also can manage their speed test history by create your account on the site. The best feature of Ookla is measure your video streaming quality which makes it superior from others. Ookla is a most popular site for checking internet speed by millions of users. The platform is completely free to use. Ookla supports more than 6 devices to check internet speed including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Apple TV and Cli.

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2. Google Speed Test

Google is another best option for quick internet speed check. Google is one of best and easiest site for analyse internet speed test. If you are using Google as your search engine than you have to just have type “Speed Test” in the address bar and you will get blue button of Run Speed Test just below in the table. After clicking on the button you gets Download and Upload speed test status in just few seconds. Google has Tye-upped with Measurement Lab (M-Lab) to make this possible for their users. This is one of easy and fastest site to check internet speed.

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3. is an Netflix website for checking internet speed. As we all know Netflix is a leader of all OTT platforms. This is another fast site to measure your internet speed just click on the website link you will start to see the process. After complete of first phase of you will find “Show more info” option which allow you to check brief information about internet speed such as download, upload, latency as well as location of the client. Apart from app also available for mobile users to measure their internet speed in real time.

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This is another good site to check your internet speed. The interface of site is amazing and looks quite beautiful. You can check your download, upload and latency status. Apart from you can also see your Max Speed. The site also allow you to manage your internet speed history by save in the CSV file format. The lack of this site is required a cookies permission to check your Internet speed which makes it little bit difficult.

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5. is another fabulous site to check your internet speed. Best thing about this site is you can check separately your download, upload and latency speed. Apart from the site also shows average internet speed of your city, state and country as well which makes different from others. The lack of the site is limited servers to operate. This is also a good site for check internet speed and measure your wifi internet speed as well.

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Click the link below for App Downloading.

Name of App Android Users iOS Users
Ookla Speed Test Android iOS Android iOS
TRAI MySpeed Android iOS

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Last modified: June 23, 2021