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Android One by Google: Details

The first news of this year’s Google I/O  from Sundar Pichai,  Google’s head of Android and Chrome platforms, is a new initiative calls Android One that the company has taken. A design reference platform that will enable manufacturers to build ultra-cheap smart phones with much more ease. The move could see Indian mobile device brands up the ante with stable entry-level smart phones powered by Android mobile operating system. Like Nexus and Google Play Edition products, Android One smart phones will get software updates from Google.

Some important Key points and updates in relation to the release of the software are as follows :

  1. With Android One, Google is hoping to reduce the cost of Smartphone development by identifying the components that go into a Smartphone and to pre-qualify suppliers for those parts to ensure they work together.
  2. Moreover, on the software side, Google is giving hardware manufacturers access to its Play Store to help them add locally relevant apps to their devices. It’s also handling all the software updates automatically, just like it does for Nexus devices.
  3. Android is launching the program with three OEMs to start, according to Pichai: Micromax, Karbonn and Spice. The company is trying to work with various wireless providers to also lower the cost of wireless plans.
  4. These phones will get the same preferential treatment as the Nexus and Google Play ranges when it comes to automatic software updates.
  5. The first phones under this approach would likely come with 4.5 inch screens, dual SIM cards and FM radio, Google senior vice president Sundar Pichai told the crowd at the company’s annual developers’ conference on Wednesday. The device looked much different than any other Micromax phone on the market with a few stylings that reminded us of the Nexus 5.
  6. With this software platform , Google will be hoping to  replicate the success of Moto E (which was priced at a reasonable Rs 6,999). And now with Android One, in hold Pichai  is making sure that Indian consumers are getting the special treatment from Google.


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Last modified: June 28, 2014