Auto Expo 2023: Alternate Fuel Car Models

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In Auto Expo 2023, Auto companies are launching more than one powerful cars. Many such products have also been showcased, after seeing which your heart will also ask you to make them your own. The giant company Toyota has also showcased some of its products in this motor show. The company has not done anything special in this automobile but has introduced some such products which run not only on fuel but also on alternate fuel. Let’s know about such vehicles.


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If we look at the theme of this year’s Auto Expo, the emphasis of almost all the companies was seen on hybrid and electric vehicles. Not only car makers, but big commercial truck and bus makers like Ashok Leyland, Eicher Motor, Volvo, JBM are also preparing to launch LNG and electric vehicles in the market. JBM displayed several electric vehicles including luxury bus, school bus. Volvo, Eicher, Ashok Leyland also displayed excellent electric buses.

1. Toyota Mirai FCEV

The Mirai, showcased at the Auto Expo 2023, is the second generation Fuel Cell EV (FCEV) sedan, which was unveiled globally in 2020. It looks brand new from the old model. Apart from this, its design is also different. In which sleek styling, low stance and coupe-like sloping rear have been given.

2. Toyota Prius PHEV

Toyota also showcased its older generation plug-in hybrid car, the Prius PHEV, at the Auto Expo 2023. Its called the Prius PHEV Prime. The sedan is powered by a 96hp, 1.8-litre petrol engine along with a 71hp electric motor, capable of generating an output of 120hp.

3. Toyota Corolla H2 Concept

Toyota’s hydrogen-powered concept car, the Corolla H2, has also been showcased at the Auto Expo. The look of this car is amazing. In the country, the government is making some big plans regarding hydron. It is being speculated that Toyota may test this vehicle in India for a few years to come.

4. Toyota Corolla Flex-fuel

Toyota has also showcased the left-hand drive Corolla flex-fuel hybrid. Earlier this car was shown in October 2022. This car is equipped with flex-fuel engine. Apart from mixed fuel, alternative fuel can also be used in this.

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Last modified: January 19, 2023