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Best Astrology Software – Never Stop Learning!

This article will talk about the best ranked astrology software which has it all. You put your finger on something and this software already has it. The name is Solar Fire Gold 8 which is ranked number one in 2014. People who are engrossed by the idea of astrology, here you go, the best and easy to use software which tell you everything you know not of.

We humans have been depending upon stars and directions and time for years now, although science has achieved remarkable success, still somewhere astrology is considered to be art which can be learned and perfected through practice. It takes years and years to be superior in astrology but through this software, it’s pretty easy to learn and rehearse. Isn’t it just amazingly interesting to know everything in just a few clicks, rather than visiting websites and calling astrologers, why not learn it yourself if you’re the curious one.

Solar Fire Gold 8 simplifies all the functions and process by providing a special kit which consists of FAQs, software guide, contact information in case of any grievance and use forum.

Solar Fire Gold 8 is friendly with windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP and Mac.


What does the software offer?

  1. Fixed star information
  2. Medieval technique
  3. Compatibility grids
  4. Interpretive reports
  5. Astrology teachings
  6. Natal aspect grids
  7. Horary technique
  8. Draconic technique
  9. Sidereal technique
  10. Tropical technique
  11. Calculates charts
  12. Declination
  13. Astro maps
  14. Atlas

More available functions:

  1. Progression reports
  2. Compatibility reports
  3. Relocation reports
  4. Asteroids
  5. Lunar return charts
  6. Customized chart display
  7. Natal chart
  8. Transit report
  9. Eclipse maps
  10. Animated maps
  11. Zodiac symbol chart
  12. Planet symbol chart
  13. Astrology encyclopedia
  14. Printing reports
  15. Personal database
  16. Moon nodes


Is there absolutely anything left which is not a part of Sun Fire Gold? Hope not because this is the software definitely worth using and spending time on in order to have all the information in the world about astrology combined with your personal database and also make your chart, read it and get it printed, absolutely so simple.

There are also other astrology softwares available in the market like:

  1. Janus
  2. Kepler
  3. Intrepid
  4. TimePassages
  5. Pegasus
  6. Win Star Express
  7. Astro talk express

Wow horoscope interpreter

These above softwares are excellent ones to choose from.

Astrology is an art! Learn it achieve perfection!



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Last modified: May 31, 2014