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List of Best Sea-Food restaurants in Delhi/NCR, This list helped peoples a lot. I hope it proves to be useful for many more like Sea Food Lovers.

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India is a country having varied cultures and people from all across the world. When people come from other countries to India, they also bring their tastes and cultures with them. As a result of this we get Continental Foods available in all parts of India. Delhi is the capital of India, which plays host to the largest number of tourists in India. So, it is essential for it to have restaurants selling all kinds of foods.

Some of the multi-cuisine categories are Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and the list is endless. This list includes various kinds of foods like sea-food, Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian food and what not. All these foods are available in Delhi in huge amounts and in various restaurants.

I have some of my friends coming from the Southern part of India to my Delhi. I, being a pure-vegetarian have never tasted sea food, and they want nothing else but, seafood. So, in order to play a good host to them, I carried out a research and found out about some of the Best sea-food restaurants in Delhi and the areas around Delhi. I’ll just ask them to choose out of them every day and accordingly treat them with what they like. I thought of publishing my research, as it would help others as well. So, the Best Sea-Food restaurants in Delhi/NCR are:-

All these restaurants have some or the other specialties, that make them the best restaurants in Delhi/NCR. They all have a wide range of dishes to offer. As they are always packed with people, all round the year, especially on weekends, so, it is better to get your seat booked before going there. You should definitely book a table, if you are going with a large group, as it becomes difficult to accommodate a big group immediately.

I am sure; that my friends will like the food here as there is a huge range available. You can order food online in some of these restaurants. So, welcome to Delhi! Travel the whole day and look at the attractive places that Delhi offers and then hog on to the delicious indigenous food that you love. Welcome!

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Last modified: October 24, 2015