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Best Tips to Overcome from Drug Addiction

Being a youth of the 21st Century is a bigger responsibility than being a parent to more than 6 children. When we go to school or college, we have a host of things to learn, including both the good and the worse. When I went to college, the first day was the best day of my life. But, as the second day came, studies started at full force. I had always thought of college life as something to enjoy life, have fun with friends and roam about till the day ends and party like hell.

But, my college proved to be very different. We had to study there because the reports go abroad, as well as to our parents. Even if we are absent for one day, a mail goes to our parents E-Mail Id, and then we are gone. Classes start at 9:00 am and go on till 6:00 pm. We do not get any breaks in between lectures. The college proudly gives a break of 10 minutes after each class, saying this much break is enough for students. Though, I realize that we have to study to make a great future, but studying the whole day makes you a Book-Worm and not a Superman/Superwoman.

Most of the students end up taking to various kinds of intoxications. According to them, this was the best way of escaping this pressure of studies. Other than studies, we also have a host of extra-curricular activites that may or may not be fun filled. The worst part about all these activites was that we only had to arrange everything from the music, dresses to the guest list and what not. So, by the time it was the hour of the event to begin we were so exhausted that we could not enjoy even a bit of it. All the students ended up just having food and going back home, without any strength. Some of them used to just sit and drink till the blue, and then either land up doing stupid things and then being taken home by a friend or getting hauled up by the police for Drink and Drive.

So, all these things left us with no choice but to go for drugs. Though, I like studying and so was never fed up of it. So, I never had to experience these dire consequences, but a lot of my friends did end up being drug-addicts. I was one of the 4 students in a college of 500 students, who was not having drugs. This is a true fact, I’m not exaggerating the figures, and I’ve actually seen it infront of my eyes. So, I thought of helping them out. I started a campaign to save atleast my friends from this addiction. I believed that if I could save atleast those, then others would also be motivated to leave it. It is not good for us and we know it well.

So, here is a list of the ideas that I used. They really helped them, and I believe it will help many more like them.

  1. Take a Decision Yourself. Firstly, you have to have the urge to do something, and then only you can succeed in what you are doing.
  2. Understand yourself the hamful effects of taking that drug. Jot down the changes that have happened to you since you started taking them. Obviously those changes won’t be favourable for you. Have the intent to get over those harmful effects.
  3. If you’ve started taking a step forward, set deadlines for yourself. Something like not taking more than two doses of drug each week, then reduce it to one, and then get over it forever.
  4. Have an incentive in your mind. Reward yorself with something other than the drug dose, if you achieve yor deadline.
  5. Leave the company of friends who are into drug-addiction.
  6. Every Morning, do Power yoga or any pther exercise that suits you. Go for running every day or even join gym.
  7. Have a friend who consistently keeps reminding you of your motive and helps you in reaching your goal. It would be a better option to have that friend as a girl, even if you yourself are a girl. Girls always have this element of care in them, by which they can even make mountains bow down to them. This is just a bloody Drug!
  8. Think of the situations that make you take drugs. Stay away from them. If it’s because of depression due to something like your love life, career or studies, call up someone who can help you get distracted from the situation or provide you with an easy Solution for your problem.
  9. Share your thoughts with someone. Don’t be alone in your Dream Land. Take a partner with you. Life will seem to be so beautiful with that one person.
  10. If you’ve attained a marriageable age, get married. The responsibilty of having a family to feed makes you overcome every addiction. You own child will become your biggest addiction.
  11. Give a new look to your house. Go for attire that brings positive vibes. Keep your house clean. Try and throw out drugs as quickly as possible.

And finally, when you’ve got over it party like hell with your new friends who have helped you get a fresh start to your life.

Drugs are very costly. They would have ended up digging an unmanageable hole in your pocket by now. So, once you start getting over them, save that money for something that you always wanted to buy. Plan a vacation with that saved money. Go and enjoy with your friends. Do something adventurous there. Go for camping.

Friends and Love are biggest kick that you can ever get. Go for them! Enjoy your life King size. Drugs will soon make you a begger.

If you are married, gift something special to your wife and children with that money. Their smile will become the new addiction of your life. 

So, enjoy a new life and fly till the horizon with your new self! I know it is easier said than done! But, it actually feels amazing to enjoy a stress-free life. Trust me! I asked a lot of my class-mates who were able to get over drugs after this campaign or ended up reducing their drug intake. The best thing that they experienced was, now they did not have to borrow money from friends. Initially all their money was spent on going to joints, but now they had joined so much money for themselves that they could actually enjoy life.

The studies and extra-curriculars soon started to be done in groups, with each one helping the other with subjects of their choice. Life became so much simpler for all of them.

A sort of Live Example can also be seen in the movie FALTU. When the students in that colege were engrossed in their choice of profession and started studying what they wanted, their Alcohol intake fell by more than 50%. That movie actually shows you the reality of life.

So, I hope I’ve done my bit for my friends and the society. Now, we finish start the arrangements with more rigour and enthusiasm and set things right 1 week before the event. We actually get a whole week to relax ourselves, and then we go for the event with smiling faces and jump on the dance floor, and dance like it’s our last day on Earth. All my friends and many other students in my class have also started getting better grades, which makes their parents happy. Parents smile and their feeling of pride for us is another Addiction. Go for it! Not all addictions are bad!

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Last modified: June 18, 2014