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Maruti French carmaker Citroen has launched its entry level hatchback C3 in India. It has been introduced in two trim levels Live and Feel and will be available in a total of 7 variants. The price of this hatchback has been kept between Rs 5.71 lakh to Rs 8.05 lakh. This hatchback with SUV-like elements will mainly compete with cars like Tata Punch, Nissan Magnite, Renault Kyger, Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Grand i10 Nios.

Here we have compared the new Citroen C3 with the rest in terms of price and specification. So how will this new car challenge these popular cars, know through this comparison:

Citroen C3: Dimension Comparison

Starting with dimensions, The Nissan Magnite is the tallest and widest car among the other cars in the comparison. At the same time, Tata Punch is the tallest among all these cars. Since the Magnite and Punch are SUV-class cars, the new C3 hatchback is only a taller and longer car to compete with the Maruti Swift. At the same time, in terms of width, it is beating Swift by just 2 mm. The Citroen C3 has the highest wheelbase size of 2540 mm among all the cars. At the same time, the maximum boot space has been given in Renault Kiger. The Nissan Magnite has the highest ground clearance but from the point of view of the hatchback car, the C3 seems to be facing challenging terrains with a ground clearance of 180 mm.

ModelCitroen C3Tata PunchMagniteMaruti SwiftKiger
Length3,981 mm3,827 mm3,994 mm3845 mm3,991 mm
Width1.733 mm1,742 mm1,758 mm1735 mm1,750 mm
Height1.586 mm1,615 mm1,572 mm1530 mm1,600 mm
Wheelbase2,540 mm2,445 mm2,500 mm2450 mm2,500 mm
Ground Clearance180 mm187 mm205 mm163 mm205 mm
Boot Space315-litre366-litre336-litre268-litre405-litre
Tyre Size195/65 R15195/60 R16195/60 R16165/80 R14195/60 R16

Citroen C3 Vs Rivals: Engine Specifications

The new C3 hatchback is offered with two petrol engine options: a 1.2L naturally aspirated petrol with 82bhp and a 1.2L turbo petrol engine producing 110bhp. The naturally aspirated petrol engine given in it is capable of generating 82 bhp power and 115 Nm torque. The power and torque outputs of the turbo petrol engine are 110 PS and 190 Nm respectively. The choice of 5 speed manual and 6 speed manual is given with both the engines. The Magnite is also offered with naturally aspirated and turbo petrol engine options. On the other hand, only naturally aspirated engine has been given in Tata Punch. Swift is the only car here which has a 4 cylinder engine.

Talking about the naturally aspirated engine, Tata Punch is the most powerful car here, whose engine generates power of 86 bhp. After this, Swift is the most powerful which is 88 bhp powerful. The C3 is also nearly as powerful as them, with an output of 82 bhp. The least powerful is the Magnite’s naturally aspirated petrol engine with an output of 72 Bhp.

Talking about the turbo petrol engine, the C3 engine is the most powerful of them all. The C3’s turbo petrol engine delivers 10 Bhp more power and 40 Nm more torque than the Magnite’s 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine.

In terms of gearbox choices, the C3 will not currently be offered with an automatic gearbox option. There is a choice of 5 speed manual with the naturally aspirated petrol engine and 6 speed manual gearbox with the turbo petrol engine.

The Tata Punch has a choice of 5 speed manual and 5 speed AMT gearbox. A 5-speed manual has been given standard in the Magnite while the CVT gearbox option has been kept in the turbo variant. A 5-speed manual has also been given standard in the Chiger but the option of AMT gearbox has been given in its naturally aspirated version while CVT gearbox has been given in the turbo variants.

PetrolCitroen C3Tata PunchMagniteMaruti SwiftKiger
Engine3-cyl NA | 3-cyl Turbo3-cyl NA3-cyl NA | 3-cyl turbo4-cyl DualJet3-cyl NA | 3-cyl turbo
Displacement1198cc | 1199cc1199cc999cc | 999 cc1197cc999cc | 999 cc
Power82hp | 110hp86hp72hp | 100hp89hp72hp | 100hp
Torque115Nm | 190Nm113Nm96Nm | 160Nm MT, 152Nm AT113Nm96Nm | 160Nm MT, 152Nm AT
Manual Gearbox5-speed | 6-speed5-speed5-speed | 5-speed5-speed5-speed | 5-speed
Automatic Gearbox5-speed AMT– | CVT (Turbo)5-speed AMT5-speed AMT | CVT

Citroen C3 Vs Rivals – Mileage Comparison:

The ARAI certified fuel efficiency of the naturally aspirated model of the Citroen C3 is said to be 19.8 kmpl, while the fuel efficiency of the turbo petrol model is said to be 19.4 kmpl.

The manual version of the Tata Punch has an ARAI certified fuel economy of 18.97 kmpl while the AMT version offers a fuel economy of 18.82 kmpl.

The Nissan Magnite 1.0L naturally aspirated petrol model has a fuel efficiency of 18.75 kmpl while the turbo petrol manual model has a fuel efficiency of 20 kmpl while the turbo petrol automatic model has a fuel efficiency of 17.7 kmpl.

Maruti Swift is the most fuel efficient car in this category. Its manual version has an ARAI certified mileage figure of 23.2 kmpl while the automatic version has an ARAI certified mileage figure of 23.7 kmpl.

MileageCitroen C3Tata PunchMagniteMaruti SwiftKiger
Manual19.8 kmpl18.97 kmpl18.75-20 kmpl23.2 kmpl19.61 kmpl
Automatic19.4 kmpl18.82 kmpl17.7 kmpl23.7 kmpl18.2-19.0 kmpl

Citroen C3 Rivals – Price Comparison

Cars NamePetrol – MTPetrol – AT
Citroen C3INR 5.71 – 8.06 lakh.
Tata PunchINR 5.93 – 8.89 lakh.INR 7.30 – 9.49 lakh.
MagniteINR 5.97 – 9.66 lakh.INR 8.88 – 10.54 lakh.
Maruti SwiftINR 5.92 – 8.35 lakh.INR 7.32 – 8.85 lakh.
KigerINR 5.99 – 9.72 lakh.INR 8.05 – 10.62 lakh.
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Last modified: July 30, 2022