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Download Shubh Happy Diwali 2015 Wallpapers, Free Dipawali wallpapers

Latest HD Wallpapers for Diwali/Deepawali 2015 download for free. New Collections which attracts your loved ones with its designs & wishes.

Wednesday, November 11 2015 is a date for Diwali.

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Here’s a list of all the wallpapers for Diwali-

Diwali Greetings  | Wallpapers | Images

Diwali is the festival of light and colors, which is celebrated almost every part of India. The festival is very famous among all age groups. Everyone tries to celebrate this auspicious occasion with implementing old and new ideas. Some prefer to spend the Diwali holidays with friends and family, while some may prefer to devote their time for social work. However, almost all people try to wish every acquaintance for Diwali. For this purpose, Diwali greetings and wallpapers are widely used.

Dipawali greetings are the most popular way to greet each other. These cards come in varieties in terms of colors and designs. These designs are typically include lights, small soil lamps and lots of bright colors. Some cards even portray a picture of Lord Vishnu or Devi Laxmi. Recently, the fashion of handmade cards has been taken over the electronic cards, which can be sent with one click. These cards also are available with appropriate music and sounds.

Diwali wallpapers are another way to celebrate the festival of togetherness and joy. These wallpapers can be seen on mobile screens and computer desktops. The wallpapers usually include the pictures of lamps, lights and sometimes sweets that are made during the festival. Like the greetings, the wallpapers also showcase photos of deities that are worshipped during this period. These wallpapers are widely exchanged through the Bluetooth and other devices from one screen to another.

The Greetings and wallpapers also have modern influences and sometimes, speak of the current issues through the depicted situation or through popular symbols for Diwali.

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