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Elie Evram: Born in Germany, she is half Swedish and half german but presently residing at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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Elie Evram is a part of an International Dance troupe, model and Dancer. She is well known in the film industry that she is good friends with Salman Khan.

She will be participating in the reality tv show on colors bigg boss 7 which will be hosted by his good friend Salman. She along with Rajat Rawail are good friends of Salman Khan. She will be this year international flavour in the bigg boss house as International celebrities are well appreciated by Indian people along with Hazel. She along with Gauhar Khan , hazel, Shilpa and Tanisha will add the glamour factor in the Bigg Boss 7 house.

Elie will be making her Bollywood debut in ‘Mickey Virus’ releasing later this year along with fellow debutant anchor cum actor Manish Paul a popular face on Indian Television.

She represented Miss Greece 2010 beauty contest. Evram did het first movie at age of 2 with her mom in Ingmar Bergman’s film Fanny and Alexander.She is often compared to Katrina Kaif as per looks and being friend of Salman Khan.

During her first 3 days at big boss, she has managed to woo some men with her looks and attire. More people are searching for this actress then anyone else after seeing her in Big Boss.

 In the Fifth episode Armaan and Kamya pushed Ellie to say no to Food.Dressed in all Black, she was looking good. She had asked for a prantha.

In the sixth episode She was offended by the way Arman and Pratyusha were teasing her and after that she cried on the sets.She spoke to Gauhar and who suggested her to talk to Arman and she had a tussle with Arman. Later on Arman said sorry to her she gratefully accepted his apology.

In the eviction day of the show Elli along with hazel were the last two contestants to be voted out but she is safe now as haezel got eliminated in the first week of the show.. Now lets see what will happen with her in bigg boss .

She danced on a song with Gauhar and Kushal for a song in front of guests for movie team of Shahid and Salman and won the performance for Hell group.

Salman flirted with her on show and asked her why didnt she meet her before.He would have taken her home.

She was taking mediation from Kushal while lying down.She was told she will get milk tom by Shilpa.She to support Rajat go back took back her mike.She was made to say  leaving  Salman and Sangram all others are brothers.This was done by Sangram.

Elie was not given a single vote to get nominated on 23 rd sep. She became favourite among fellow contestants.

She along with ratan team were selected as the least performing of all teams. so fellow hell members of the house gave their name as it was asked by bigg boss. Bigg Boss gave both elie and ratan a chance to redeem them self by doing a another task of waking up for whole night and give update to bigg boss every hour what is right time.She with Ratan did a task of not sleeping and counting time for entire night.For this task big boss gave them one point in the competition. In the 12th day of the show hell side of the hose were asked to choose captain and ellie gave the name of Tanisha. salman khan asked to speak a dialogue of his movie micky virus as compared her to 5 years back katrina kaif. She recited dialogue ‘whatever you sir i will do’ .

She wore Pink jumpsuit and danced to the song on 30 june 2013. Elie is nominated for elimination in the third week. elie saved sangram and ratan from elimination.She sang with Sangram- i had the time of my life song.

Ellie was sad on 2 nd Oct 2013 as it was her fathers birthday and she cant be with him. on Friday 04-10-2013 ellie will be celebrating her father’s birthday  she was a little sad that she would be not with him she tried to not show to anyone she was upset.

on 03-10-2013 according to her hell team-mates she was nominated as the worst performer in the recent task she was asked by bigg boss to stay put in the hell side of the house and rest of her hell house mates will shift to heaven side of the house. Ellie will now be accompanied by members of heaven side of the house at hell side.

04-10-2013 she celebrated her father birthday along with other house members she gifted tvs jupiter to her father which she won while performing the task. She also dedicated a hindi song to him ‘ajib dastan hai yeh’.

05-10-2013 ellie is said she is happy at bigg boss house and she enjoyed a lot. ellie is safe from this week of elimination she was left with anita at last.

07-10-2013 ellie voted for Asif and Arman for this week elimination. Today she wore blue t-shirt and blue jeans.

09-10-2013 ellie is kept ungry by her team mates as they feel heaven side are playing game so they will not eat anything. she said she completely agree with arman as andy should not speak for his father. she again is wearing her pink jump suit today and she sung  her favourite song ‘I had Time of My life ‘ with tanisha.

10-10-2013 ellie is moved to heaven side of the house for the first time in the game.

14-10-2013 she wore a pink jump suit in the morning. she not nominated for this week elimination. she performed a traditional white saree as heaven side of the house celebrated while dancing on eve of Durga puja.

16-10-2013 ellie cried on the house as she was not given oil to put put on her roti by gahuar and kamaya. She was told to move to hell side of the house as she came to kitchen.

11-10-2013-She is the captain of the house and nominated Gauhar as the part of power as Big boss captain.She will also lead the fellow house mates into commando task.


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