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Fast Food Restaurant in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab and Haryana. It is one of the seven union territories of India. The name Chandigarh is coined from an ancient temple name of Goddess ‘Chandi’. This city is known for its urban planning and architectural planning all over the world. There are the too fast food restaurants in Chandigarh.





Burger Break

Burger Break restaurant is located in Sector 15 D, Chandigarh. Burger Break has a large variety of burgers, pizzas, wraps and Mexican food including Chalupas and Burritos. Its serve veg. and non veg. both, having an equal variety in both.


KFC Restaurant is located at Madhya Marg, Chandigarh. KFC is simply amazing a place for people who love fast foods. The staff is good and well oriented, preparation is good & service is quick.


Wrapville Restaurant is located in Sector 22 C, Chandigarh. It is provide the yummiest, tasty, Fast Foods. It’s really well decorated, with lovely Idli, Chowmeen, Dosa etc here.


McDonalds Restaurant is located in Sector 35 C, Chandigarh. McDonald’s is well famous for its Burgers. The best thing ever is the Mexican Spicy Burger & Shake Shake Fries with African Piri Piri Masala Mix.


Subway is a Fast Food Restaurant best known for Fast Food foods. Its provides like, Samosa, Idli, Chowmin and Shandwich etc.

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