Gold Prices 2015|Up Or Down

When you think of Gold you think of India the world’s largest consumer of yellow metal. The predominant Hindu population finds mention of gold as a commodity of immense value in their religious books. Some of these religious books like the “Vedas, Puranas, Upnishads” are believed to date back a few hundred thousand years. The revered “GITA” is believed to be a sermon by Lord Sri Krishna given more than 5000 years back. In most religious books there is mention of gold as a metal of immense value. Hindus believe that Gold is a metal of demi-Gods and monarchs.

Gold prices have come down and this is very rarely it happens.Gold has been a hedging instruments for Banks and is the favourite metal among many.

Gold traders in India, the worlds biggest buyer of the metal, during this weddings and festivals season in India gold rates were trading lower in major cities.

In Chennai gold rate as Standard gold (916 purity) was down Rs 200 at Rs 28450 and pure gold (999 purity) was down Rs 200 at Rs 30690. 

last updated on 13-04-2017

 gold rate today in India

Gold Rate Chennai Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Kerala Bangalore Hyderabad
(in Rs /10 gm)
22-Carat 29300 30670 30000 30400 28200 28800 29300
24-Carat 31336.90 32802.14 32085.56 32513.37 30160.43 30802.14 31336.90
Change (%) 0% -1.06% 0% -0.65% 0.36% -1.23% -0.44%




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