How to send heavy files online – a necessity

These days our world is worshipping the digital world and dependency on internet and computer based applications is increasing tremendously. Is it good or bad? We can’t judge about that, for now, our needs have increased regarding internet services, now we want almost everything possible through internet which saves time and energy. We are paralyzed by spoon feeding and somehow we like it.

There is a range of ways of how you can send large files online, let’s take you through every type one by one:

  1. The very first and simplest way to send large files through email is here. It is simply clicking, selecting file and sending it. Wondering how can it be that easy? Yes, it is. Gmail and outlook have introduced an option known has GoogleDrive and SkyDrive respectively through which if your file is larger than 25 MB can still be transferred. If your file is big, you will automatically get an option by Gmail saying “your file is too big, you can use GoogleDrive to send”, click on the option and it will ask you to select file. Select it and Le Viola! Your file will be attached in no time and hit send. You’re work is done with absolutely no energy loss too much pain.


  1. People who do not have Gmail or outlook account, don’t be disappointed, we have an option for you too. But it consists of a little work to do. Click on the file that needs to be sent and is too big, right click, send to and click on compressed folder, and your file will start getting compressed automatically then folder which is compressed will be of the same name as your actual folder, add the files to archive, split the big file to smaller files and then send them through email.


  1. Third but the most popular and easy to use method is to use the large files sending services being provided on internet, some are paid and some are few but if you’re not a regular user of this service, you would be recommended to use the free versions of these services.


To help you out, here’s a list of some large files sending portal


Name of the service

Maximum file limit

1. Securely Send 200MB
2. Typhoon Upload 2GB
3. Kicksend
4. YouSendIt 50MB
5. BITzen 2GB
6. WeTransfer 2GB
7. MailBigFile 300MB
8. SendThisFile 2GB
9 JustBeamit
10. Files to friends 2BG

All the above portals are for free, although if you need to send files bigger than above mentioned files limit, there are also available some paid services.

All of these services depict similar way to send files such as: browse your file to be sent, select it, and enter the email address to which you want to send it (you can always type down more than one email id) and click on send. So convenient and simply effortless.

Every portal is made keeping in mind a purpose, for example; Kicksend is specially made parents friendly service as they are not socially active and are always doubtful about using such applications. This particular service is way easier than others. Files to friends as the name suggests was made for friends to share files without fail. JustBeamit has a different kind of website like. It says drop your file anywhere on this page and send. It is flawlessly simple to use. Securely send, typhoon upload, we transfer, bitzen, mailbigfile, sendthisfile, yousendit, all of these have the procedure and then again, extremely trouble-free. 

There are also available paid services also, some of the best are:

S.NO. Name Cost
1. Box
2. Dropbox $9.99/month
3. SugarSync $7.49/month
4. WeTransfer $120/year
5. Mediafire $2.49/month

It is advised to use one of these paid services if you’re use is regular then that would be suitable.

Hope this article helped! Keep sending files without fail! 

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Last modified: May 31, 2014