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IMT, AMT, CVT, DCT Gearboxes All about IMT, AMT, CVT, DCT GearboxesIMTAMTCVTDCTTransmission Type.

Lever of manual transmission in auto, vehicle.

Gearbox is the most important component of a car. It takes power from the engine and transmits it to the wheels and there are mainly two types of gearboxes, manual and automatic. Automatic transmissions were introduced to make driving easier, which have become most popular among people today.

Till a decade back, cars with automatic gearboxes were very few in India. Only a few mass market cars had an automatic gearbox option. But today almost every car manufacturer has an automatic gearbox in its portfolio. There are many types of automatic transmission and in this article you will know about them with details:

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There are 5 Types of Automatic Transmission:-

There are 5 types of automatic transmission in which IMT, AMT, CVT, torque converter automatic and DCT i.e. Dual Clutch Transmission also known as DSG, these are different types of transmission. You will get the choice of these gearboxes in Indian cars from entry level to luxury segment.

1. IMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission)

IMT means Intelligent Manual Transmission which is the most affordable of all types of automatic transmission. The IMT controls the clutch automatically and no clutch pedal is provided for the same. However, you have to change gears manually through a conventional gear lever. Currently, there are only a few cars in the country in which IMT gearbox has been given. IMT are smoother than AMT and you do not even feel the jerk during gear shifting and a car with IMT gearbox also performs better than a car with AMT gearbox. The IMT gearbox was first given in the Hyundai Venue and this gearbox has also been given in the sub-compact SUV Sonet and Hyundai i20.

2. AMT (Automated Manual Transmission)

In Automated Manual Transmission, you get automatic clutch as well as automatic gear shifts and these prove to be quite expensive as compared to IMT. However, IMT and AMT transmissions are based on manual gearboxes in which you also get manual mode. In such a situation, you can also do manual shifting if needed. The most important thing is that repairing IMT and AMT is not very expensive because they have used very simple technology in them. You will get the choice of AMT gearbox in hatchback cars like Hyundai Grand i10 Nios, Renault Kiger, Renault Kwid, Wagon R.

3. CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)

CVT, DCT and torque converter are very expensive technologies. Compared to a car with manual gearbox, the price of variants of this car equipped with these gearboxes is 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees more. CVT gearbox is the most widely used technology which is also widely used in scooters. This makes driving easy and smooth. If you drive the car comfortably in the city, then you can also get good mileage from it.

4. Torque Converter

The biggest advantage of a torque converter is that it gives you fuel efficiency and performance in a balanced amount. This will give you CVT-like smoothness and DCT-like performance. The torque converter is offered only with high torque engines like turbo petrol, high capacity diesel engines. You will get a choice of torque converter automatic gearbox with both petrol and diesel engines in Mahindra Thar.

5. DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission)

The DCT is a very smooth, responsive and sporty gearbox. These are also called direct shift gearboxes. This is a very nimble automatic gearbox in which very smooth gear shifts are seen. The downshifting is quite quick when acceleration is achieved quickly during overtaking. A DCT gearbox is provided in many high performance cars. You will get the choice of DCT gearbox in cars like Skoda Superb, Jeep Compass, Kia Seltos. However, its maintenance cost is very high. According to experts, the problem of overheating of the DCT gearbox in heavy traffic in the city persists, but now many companies have improved it.

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Last modified: February 12, 2022