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KFC Full Form – Definition, Meaning, History

The full form of KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC full form itself explains to us that Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American fast food restaurant company specialising in fried chicken with headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. After McDonald’s, KFC is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain, with 22,621 outlets in 150 countries as of December 2019. The original offering of KFC is pressure-fried chicken pieces seasoned with 11 herbs and spices according to Sanders’ formula. The recipe’s ingredients are kept under wraps.

Fried chickens are served in large portions in a “bucket”. The buckets are a trademark of the franchise since it was originally launched in 1957 by franchisee Pete Harman. KFC has expanded its menu to include chicken fillet sandwiches and wraps, salads and side dishes such as French fries and coleslaw, desserts, and soft drinks, the latter of which is usually provided by PepsiCo, since the early 1990s.

How did KFC Start?

Sanders was born in 1890, and after a difficult childhood, he left home at the age of 12 to work as a farmhand. He left the farm at the age of 15 to work a variety of occupations, with varying degrees of success. He worked as a painter, a railroad fireman, a ploughman, a streetcar conductor, a ferryboat operator, an insurance salesman, a justice of the peace, and a service-station operator, among other things. Harland built his own gas station in Corbin, Kentucky, in 1929. Sanders, according to all accounts, used to like preparing the foods that his mother taught him. It appears he was a ‘dab hand’ at cooking, and word spread quickly, allowing him to open The Harland Sanders Court and Cafe, a 142-seat restaurant and motel nearby. Additional Info Also Check OTT Full Form

Operation of KFC

Yum! Brands, which is one of the largest restaurant companies in the world, owns KFC. In 2013, KFC made a sale of $23 billion. KFC is incorporated under Delaware General Corporation Law and has its headquarters at 1441 Gardiner Lane in Louisville, Kentucky. KFC’s executive offices  and corporate research and development facilities are located at the corporate headquarters.

History of KFC

One of the best-kept secrets in the catering industry is Sanders’ Original Recipe of “11 herbs and spices.” Because patent law requires public revelation of an invention and only provides protection for a limited period of time, the recipe is not patented, however trade secrets can remain the intellectual property of their owners indefinitely.

At KFC’s Louisville headquarters, a signed copy of the recipe, as well as 11 vials containing herbs and spices, are stored in a safe within a vault. Griffith Laboratories makes half of the recipe before handing it over.

The “KFC 20-Head Cooker,” created by L S Hartzog and costing $16,000, was the officially certified model in the 1960s. The pressure fryers exploded on occasion, harming workers, because the Hartzog type lacked an oil filtration system, forcing hand filtering. Winston L. Shelton who was an inventor and engineer had devised the “Collectramatic” pressured fryer in 1969 to solve KFC’s challenge of speedily frying chicken in order to satisfy growing consumer demand. Colonel Sanders’ strict standards were met by the Collectramatic, which used precise timing and temperature controls and self-filtered the frying oil. Additional Info Also Check CPU Full Form

Sales and Marketing

Sanders sold KFC for $2 million to a group of investors led by John Y. Brown Jr. and Jack C. Massey in 1964. Sanders was given a lifelong salary as well as the responsibility of becoming the company’s quality controller and trademark. By 1970, the business had expanded to 3,000 locations in 48 countries. Brown sold the company to Heublein, a packaged food and beverage company based in Connecticut, for US$285 million in July 1971. Sanders died in 1980, but his promotional efforts cemented his place in American cultural history. By the time he died, there were an estimated 6,000 KFC restaurants in 48 countries, with annual sales of $2 billion.

KFC Products

The product is usually sold in two- or three-piece individual servings, or in a family-size cardboard bucket with between six and sixteen chicken pieces. Each chicken is divided into nine different cuts in territories that follow Colonel Sanders’ system, such as Canada and the United Kingdom, including two drumsticks, two thighs, two wings, two breast pieces, and one keel. Individual KFC outlets hand-breast the product with wheat flour and spices in a two- to four-minute procedure. In order to maintain freshness, KFC discards chicken if it has not been sold within 90 minutes.

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Last modified: April 29, 2022