List of Best Movies of Aamir Khan

Labeled free thinker and now Mr Blockbuster, Aamir Khan’s prosperity script is the thing that masala Hindi movies are made of. His 22-year journey has had 32 movies in the middle of – with practically twelve amazing hits and awesome exhibitions. Here are his top hits:

  • Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988)

Aamir Khan’s fizzing presentation made him an overnight sensation. His depiction of a young partner was everything giggly young ladies needed to see on-screen. His sensation of “Raj” was of the kid nearby without arrogance yet charm, without smarts yet heart and of quiet as opposed to verbose dialog.

  • Rangeela (1995)

Aamir Khan’s tapori Munna set off a large number of characters. His road keen tapori’s case to love and great life had an extraordinarily wet and sugar-sweet closure.His wardrobe and most widely used language set off another pattern of both dialogs and made the splendid and energetic super cool!

  • Raja Hindustani (1996)

Aamir Khan’s concentrate on the underdog proceeded in Raja Hindustani. His part of “Raja” stayed crude and legit, not embarrassed of his root. Yet despite the fact that it earned him the tag of an ill-mannered high and mighty spouse, he still made an imprint with the crowd! Much was made of the lip lock and Karisma Kapoor’s dazzling change, yet it was Aamir who made this motion picture emerge, winning him his first Filmfare Best Actor Award.

  • Dil(1990)

Aamir set the pattern for another avatar with this motion picture. It made both Khan and Madhuri Dixit the undisputable ruling stars of Bollywood. Khan played “Raja” in Dil, a story line near his introduction which had Khan and Dixit fleeing from home. It had everything that a Bollywood performing artist would request – move, exceptional screenplay (recall the scene in where Aamir and Madhuri take their promises around the flame).

  • Dil hai ki manta nahin (1991)

It’s regularly told how Mahesh Bhatt approached Aamir Khan with a script which he wasn’t content with and Khan who didn’t know how to react to this honor winning chief, recommended he needed a light revamp of a Roman Holiday. Bhatt returned with the script of Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin! Featuring Pooja Bhatt, this motion picture – considered a redo of It Happened One Night – dazed the movies.

  • Dil Chahta hai (2001)

 “Waise bhi perfection ko improve karna mushkil hota hain.” This line maybe recognized the presumptuousness of Aamir Khan’s character and his own particular towering principles in genuine living. Setting off cool in his own particular way, Aamir played Akash. A transitioning motion picture, Aamir Khan had the effect in light of the fact that he underlined the dichotomy and the ethos of an overall settled era who loved an existence without an excessive amount of battle, who were under no incredible weight to perform and who, hence, barely esteemed what they had. Creating his pertinence in Bollywood like his character, Khan gave Akash a character diagram and a demeanor that even the saying cool proved unable.

  • Taare Zameen par (2007)

“I would be crushed if Taare Zameen Par doesn’t work.” That is the thing that Aamir Khan expressed in a meeting of his basic story of a dyslexic youngster, and one which addressed the training framework. Playing craft teacher Ram Shankar Nikhumb, he highlighted in the second a large portion of the film, what an extraordinary teacher can accomplish for a learner. The film was racked with debate particularly when scholar Amol Gupte brought up issues about who truly administered the film.

  • 3 Idiots(2009)

A 44-year-old Aamir Khan played an IIT learner without making him outrageous. Aamir was concerned that his Rancho was excessively great. Playing it curious, inventive and simple, Khan appears to have hit the ideal recipe to be an Idiot.

  • Ghulam (1998)

Coordinated by Vikram Bhatt, it was a film that made Bollywood comprehend and salute the validity of this Khan. It also set a mini-trend of actors singing their own songs and his song, Aati Kya Khandala became a surprise chart-buster. That was not all that Aamir did to breathe life into the character of Siddharth. Amongst the interesting on-set stories is one where he attempts a dangerous stunt involving a speeding train.

  • Andaaz Apna Apna (1994)

Perhaps amongst one of Bollywood’s movies that attained cult status, despite failing at the box office, is where Aamir teamed up with Salman as Amar-Prem to create magic on screen. The comedy-timing and the continuous Tom and Jerry game of one-upmanship made this a must-watch for all Aamir Khan fans.

  • Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander (1992)

No one can play modest loverboy truly like Aamir Khan. Controlled by cousin Mansoor Khan, this story tended to issues identifying with young people and their exposure toward oneself. The sentimental Pehla Nasha still remains a song of praise for those in affection and for Khan, it proceeded his winning streak and created him as a genuine contender amongst the Khans and Kapoors.

  • Sarfarosh (2003)

Aamir played an upright cop ACP Rathore in this Bollywood dramatization with a distinction. With attractive Sonali Bendra in tow, Aamir joined activity, sentiment and dialog in the consistent way no one but he can.  It’s not astounding that Aamir checks this amongst his most loved movies.

  • Rang De Basanti (2006)

As the gaudy DJ, Aamir’s character, says on screen, “We have one foot previously, one later on and are pissing on the present.” This dialog laid out the reason of the film whose message set off open deliberations, light walks for the-then instances of Priyadashini Matoo, Jessica Lall and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, making what is still named as ‘The RDB impact’.

  • Ghajini(2008)

Much has been composed about Aamir’s muscles which he sharpened for a year. The avenging character of Sanjay Singhania, Aamir concentrated on the blood-carnage movement with a dash of sentiment bringing back the 90’s pot boilers. Everything about the film – from the telephone numbers carved onto his body, his shaven look and even his memory misfortune – made news.


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Last modified: May 27, 2014