LUXURY CARS IN INDIA|Costliest Cars 2013

                                                         COSTLIEST LUXURY CARS IN INDIA

 Indian car customers these days are very fond of Cars as an status symbol,comfort, utility and performance which grabs the attention of  premium car manufacturers to offer their products in Indian market . The purchasing power of customer is going up,forcing big brands to sell their cars in India,Here we have few luxury sedans being offered in the country.                                                          

1.Maybach –  Mercedes – Benz  has raised the bar of luxury by launching two new Maybach models 57 S and 62 in India. Maybach is the biggest name in motoring luxury,design and innovation the car made its debut in India in 2006. Now Mercedes-Benz has taken the initiative to augment its luxury sedan models. Both the cars are very sophisticated,luxurious and elitely built.

The Maybach 57 S has Biturbo 12 cylinder engine and top speed of around 275 kmph.The car is outstandingly engineered to deliver superior performance  it is a lower ride  height design.

Maybach 62 on the other hand is any passengers dream as it has dual tone exteriors,finest leather in elegant shades,electrically operated curtains,high definition screen and electric transparent partition are few of its functionalities.The new Maybachs will be priced between Rs 4.85 Crore to Rs 5.15 crore depending upon the variants

2. Rolls Royce Phantom – The admired beauty has won million of hearts not only in India but all around the world.The company Rolls Royce has launched four models in India however RR Phantom is the most expensive out of those.It takes 60 pair of hands and 450 hours to design to construct  and craft a Rolls-Royce Car the cabin of the car is hand built .

The car retains 6.75-liter V-12 direct injection petrol engine and has a top speed of 240kmph,acceleration timing is 5.7 seconds to rech 100kmph.Though the car is very fast and powerful  but there is a sense of calm about the way it drives.The price of the car is 4.38 crore which it fully justifies by the way it pamper its passengers.

3.Bentley Continental Supersports – Bentley offers exclusive and defining class  to its customers.Bentley cars are victorious by its looks,style and reputation.The Continental supersports differs from it other variants as it has superb pick up and fast acceleration,it can reach 0 to 100 in merely 3.9 seconds along with amazing top speed of 325 Kmph.The car maintain the lavish image by traditional Bentley features  like stylish front grille, large headlamps, big alloys and strong built and top class interior offers leathers upholstered seats ,front door pockets,glove compartment and tachometer.

The car has a massive engine of 6.0- litre twin turbocharged W 12 petrol engine with a displacement of 5998cc.Engine is coupled with 6 – speed automatic transmission .Continental supersports with all top notch safety features and comfort features like anti-theft alarm system,power door locks,anti-glare rear view mirror and engine immobilizer and comforts like automatic climate control,air quality control,adjustable tilt power steering wheel and adjustable seats with heating and memory function.The compels to give its ownership at Rs 2.25 crores.

4.Audi A8 –  A8 is a high end luxury sedan by German car makers – Audi,The car has been successfully launched  in india and running for quiet a while now.the car is specifically designed to suit the Indian consumers driving condition.A8 can impress anyone with its looks at the very first glance,its grille in front and LED tail is really eye catching.The interiors of the car is spacious and beautifully designed consisting all the multimedia and electric functionality like color monitor  and seats.Car is fully packed with  all the luxuries required.The car is launched in 3 exclusive variants out of which two are petrol and one is diesel engine model,all the engines are turbocharged .Where top end petrol engine is L 6.3 W12 Quattro with 6299cc engine and the top end diesel variant is 4.2 TDi engine will yield 350bhp power both the engines are powerful and and can reach a top speed of 250kmph  and accelerate from 0 to100 kmph in 4.7 seconds.The price range of Audi A8 is  Rs 89,07,000 to Rs 1,47,53,00.

5.BMW 7 series – Automobile giant BMW’s most expensive 7 Series is a total line of luxury vehicles .The premium sedan has extended features and specification than other BMW’s lineup.The car is even a successful competitors with leading luxury vehicles of the segment,with this var BMW has attained many loyal buyers.

At first sight only cars visual impression will win the hearts of the masses.The car looks sporty with the combination of LED,stylish front grille and all new headlights and the air inlets in it front bumper makes it more aerodynamic.Dual tone interior refreshes the mood as one enters the car,the wood and aluminium finish goes well with the car and the quality leather finish gives a  top class feeling.BMW offers 7-series comes with three different petrol engines and one diesel engines,with the help of light weight eight speed gearbox,the performance of all  the engines of 7-series have been improve even the diesel engine take 6.5 seconds to reach 0 to 100 km.The car has advanced safety features like 8 dual stage air bags,parking assist and traction control.Braking syatem  features ABS with brake assist at high speed.Price of the car is Rs 83,40,000 – Rs 1,31,00,000

6.Jaguar XJ – One of the primitive competitors in high end vehicle league in Indian automobile sector.Jaguar is much appreciated now as the company is bought by Tata.The Jaguar XJ is the truly a luxury oriented car,it is very sporty and aggressive on the road.The car has body of a coupe equipped with xenon light clusters,wide bonnet,deep set mesh grille and  catchy sporty wheel.Jaguar XJ is built with high quality lightweight aluminium body which makes it fast.Technology used in the Interiors of the cars is very user friendly.

Jaguar XJ is immensely power beneath the hood, the company has pushed 5.0 L V8 GEN 3 engine inside.Jaguar XJ is available in 5.0 litre V8 petrol engine,5.0 litre super charged v8 petrol engine and 2933cc,4 cylinder diesel engine.Jaguar XJ is priced between Rs 92,31,000 to Rs 1,88,00,000.

7.Mercedes – Benz S Class – The car departs confidence,innovative technology and greater confidence,The S-Class design radiates effortless superioritiy,it has fascinating features like automatic climate control and total seat comfort with quality upholstery and massage function with all the entertaintment facilities like surround sound system,two eight inch displays separate cd/dvd players etc.

The Mercedes S-class is available in both petrol and diesel variant where higher petrol engine is powered with 5461cc,the only diesel engine is loaded with 6 valve,2987 cc engine with maximum power of 210bhp.The car is a combination of elegance and utility with top speed of 250kmph makes it more undisputed.It is impeccable in security and safety.The price range of S-Class starts from Rs 83,11,730 and goes upto Rs 1,08,87,600 approx



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Last modified: September 16, 2017