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last updated on: 27-2-2023

Maruti and Toyota companies have already entered the world of compact SUVs. Maruti Grand Vitara and Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder launched in India. In this context, it is noted that Maruti and Toyota have jointly developed these two cars. So it is clear that both the cars have a lot in common. But if there are any differences between these two compact SUVs – Maruti Grand Vitara and Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder – let’s see what they are.

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There is a slight difference between the two cars in terms of length. Maruti Grand Vitara car is 4345 mm long. On the other hand, the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyrider is 4365 mm long. Besides, both the car models are 1795 mm wide. It also has the same wheelbase, 2600 mm. However, even though the two cars are almost identical in size, there are considerable differences in the front part of the two cars, especially the design of the headlamps and the grille. The Hyryder model has a slim LED strip and grille with thin chrome lines. The Grand Vitara, on the other hand, has thicker chrome lines and a different light pattern. Again, the design and look of the rear part of the car are similar between the two cars. The tail-gate and tail-lamp are slightly different in design, but they are almost the same. Which car has more features. From the steering wheel to the digital instrument cluster and even the 9-inch touchscreen system, the interior of the car is almost the same in both cars. The only difference is the interior color of the car.

Maruti Grand Vitara vs Toyota Hyryder SUVs:– Engine Specifications

Both Maruti and Toyota share the same engine in their compact SUVs. The Grand Vitara and hybrid cars are available with mild hybrid and powerful hybrid powertrains.

Both the SUVs have been developed with the same engine options, which are mild hybrid and strong hybrid powertrain. These are 1.5L petrol mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed automatic torque converter. The manual variant is also available with AWD system and Terrain Mode. The Grand Vitara mileage figures are out for now but we expect the Hirider to have the same mileage. The manual 1.5 mild hybrid Grand Vitara gives a mileage of 21.1 kmpl, while the AWD gives a mileage of 19.3 kmpl.

There’s also an electric motor with 1.5-litre petrol with Hybrid and EV modes, producing 115ps of total power and 27.9 kmpl of mileage.

Maruti Grand Vitara vs Toyota Hyryder SUVs:– Features

The interiors of both the Grand Vitara and the Hyryder don’t show much difference with the same steering wheel, digital instrument cluster and 9-inch touchscreen system. The differences in the interiors are only in the interior color options. The features list includes a panoramic sunroof, ventilated seat vents, a 360-degree camera, ambient light, wireless charging, 6 airbags and more on both.

Maruti Grand Vitara vs Toyota Hyryder SUVs – Colour:

Maruti Grand VitaraToyota Hyryder
Nexa Blue
Arctic White
Splendid Silver
Grandeur Grey
Chestnut Brown
Opulent Red
Arctic White + Black Splendid Silver + Black
Opulent Red + Black
Midnight Black
Gaming Grey
Autumn Orange
Sporting Red
Cafe White
Enticing Silver
Cave Black
Speedy Blue
Cafe White with Midnight Black
Speedy Blue with Midnight Black
Sporting Red with Midnight Black
Enticing Silver with Midnight Black
Cafe White with Midnight Black
Speedy Blue with Midnight Black

Maruti Grand Vitara vs Toyota Hyryder SUVs:– Ex-showroom Price

The Urban Cruiser Hyryder comes with an 8-year warranty for the battery and a standard 3-year warranty. The Grand Vitara, on the other hand, will be sold through Maruti’s Nexa outlets. The Hyryder will be sold through regular Toyota dealerships. We expect that there will not be much difference in the prices. Toyota may price its Hyryder a bit higher as the company had priced the Urban Cruiser higher than the Brezza in the past as well.

Fuel TypeMaruti Grand VitaraToyota Hyryder
PetrolINR 10.45 – 19.65 lakh.INR 10.48 lakh – 18.99 lakh.

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Last modified: February 27, 2023