Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Best Features

Fed up of your old laptop?? Want to get rid of the weight and bulk it carries along and switch to a slimmer  device?? Well a tablet with it compact, light weight and extremely  easy to carry features can  be an easy solution, but  it has also its cons , along with the pros it provides. Tablets do not possess the processing power of a laptop. Moreover,  having   smaller memory  capacity, their functional power as  a  computing device is very limited as compared to a  laptop. Thus , breaking  the issue –chain , Microsoft’s new revolutionary Surface Pro 3  can be a rescue. The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s latest laptop/tablet hybrid. Billed as the one device to rule them all, Microsoft is aiming directly at consumers who want a tablet capable enough to replace a laptop. With a 12-inch 3:2 2160×1440 display, Intel Core processor, included stylus and tons of accessories, this Microsoft’s hybrid is  a technology innovation, turning dream comes true. The  price of the Surface Pro 3, as issued at present in the international market is $799, though plans of launching it in India soon  has not been published.

   Well here  are 8  of the ways, why  the improved Surface Pro 3 raiser the  technology bar:

A bigger, higher-resolution screen:

Earlier Surfaces’ 10.6-inch screens are just a little too cramped for many users’ productivity needs, but the Pro 3’s 12-inch display should  be just perfect. The 2160 x 1440-pixel screen offers a slightly denser resolution than its predecessors, and  according  to Microsoft’s VP Panos Panay, who introduced the new device, the Pro 3 offers the best contrast ratio in the industry. Panay also claimed the Surface Pro 3 can display 6% more content than the 13-inch MacBook Air.


A more versatile kickstand:

The earlier Surface Pro’s kickstand supported only one position and was generally impossible to comfortably use it as a lap.  Later the Pro 2’s two-step kickstand improved matters but was still flimsy compared to clamshell laptops. But with the Pro 3, Microsoft threw down the gauntlet, installing a kickstand that supports a range of positions, it facilitates not only better laptop-style use, but also configurations for notebook-style drawing and note-taking.


The Surface Pen:

Another added feature to the upgraded device is the new surface pen. Note-taking and drawing are now, major appeals because of the new Surface Pen, which can sense 256 distinct levels of pressure. Panay stated that using the accessory is as intuitive as using a pen and paper. It’s not only sensitive, but well-integrated into the OS, he said. Even if the Pro 3 is asleep, it will wake up directly into OneNote as soon as the user touches the pen to the screen. This sort of functionality lets users take notes without fumbling through authentication steps and potentially losing the thought. Moreover, notes can be backed up to the cloud with the touch of a button.


More powerful processors:

The Surface Pro 3 can be configured with up to an Intel i7 processor, giving it more number-crunching muscle than earlier versions, which maxed out with i5 chips. For those who don’t need the extra power, or the toll it will likely take on battery life, can even opt for a Surface Pro 3 with less-expensive i3 and i5 processors versions.


A lighter body:

The major drawback with the earlier Surface Pro models was that, they were light for a  laptops but clunky for a tablets. But the Pro 3, in contrast, is a more sleek and slender  device, from almost any definition. The tablet is only 0.3 inches thick and weighs less than two pounds.


New Touch Covers:

It’s  frankly old school that,  Microsoft still continues to sell Surfaces and keyboards separately. Nevertheless, the new, larger Touch Covers introduced for the Pro 3 offer solid improvements. They are less cramped than their earlier versions. It also promises improved track pad experience, conceding that scrolling and tapping on previous models left much to be desired.


Optimized Surface apps:

Microsoft said its partners are producing a range of apps optimized for the Surface Pro 3’s pen-and-touch UI. Adobe, for example, demonstrated a version of Photoshop with larger, more touch-friendly icons and extensive support for pen input. Microsoft promised that Surface-optimized professional medical and architectural apps are coming.


Better battery life:

Microsoft claims that its Surface Pro 3, has a battery life that extends to a maximum of 9 long hours , without charges in between. Although more power demanding apps are likely to  drain the , faster than  only web browsing. Also, Pro 3s configured with faster chips will  burn through juice more quickly. Thus,  it’s a massive improvement from the first-generation’s four-hour limits, and a solid bump from even the improved Surface Pro 2. 

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Last modified: May 27, 2014