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People all around the world have a tendency to search for places that are highly rated, overly hyped and given sky-high marks on food and restaurant websites. Okay. We agree. These place are good enough to visit. But wait a second, are these the only ones?

We certainly hope not. There are some more places that are not hyped, they are underrated but only in terms of popularity. These are the places where your attention is highly required. Here are such places.

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  1. 1947:

Located in Jayanagar, 1947 is a theme-based cafe. 1947, the year of our country’s independence has high influence on this cafe. It takes Indian Independence Day as its theme and is well known for evoking the hidden patriot in every Indian’s heart. The walls are decorated with the portraits of Indian freedom fighters and the ambience has an essence of patriotism in it. The menu is filled with North Indian food, fully vegetarian. 1947 has 5 outlets in the city and is very fairly priced as well. A meal for two will cost you around 800 bucks.


  1. Kanua:

If you are searching for authentic Konkani & Mangalorean cuisine, then there is no better place than this one in the whole city. The ambience is very simple and decent with no fancy decorations, but if food is your only desire, Kanua is truly capable of serving you some remarkable dishes such as Stuffed Gourd, Prawn Tawa Fry, Fish Naked Masala and a special dessert named Cheebda Aashalen which is prepared from Watermelon juice, Coconut Milk and Cardamom. A wonderful meal here for two people will cost you around Rs 1600.


  1. Fort Kochi Connection:

Koramangala is an area famous for numerous food outlets, offering you a wide variety of cuisines. But if Seafood is your favorite, then Fort Kochi Connection is the place where you should be. This place is run by Mr Praveen Paul whose family is into sear food trade business from past 5 decades. The quality of seafood surely reflects in their mouth-watering food as they have a menu which is highly influenced by Portuguese, Chinese and Dutch cuisine. Oyesters, Lobsters, Fish Fry- Order practically anything from the menu and we assure you that you will never regret it. Prices are also on the softer side as it will cost you 800 bucks for two people.


  1. Hotel Junior Kuppana:

Located in Koramangala, this casual dining restaurant is a place you would surely like to visit if you have an uncontrollable craving for South Indian food. Try their Chicken Pallipalayam, Natti Chicken Gravy and Kothu Parotta & you will come to know what we are talking about. Also, everything here is served on a plantain leaf and eating with your hands makes it a truly pleasureable experience. The diner and its decor is exactly same as any typical South Indian restaurant- Simple and Sober with a lot of decency. But you can never go wrong with the food as the food is mind-blowing in its own way. Food for two here will cost you around 700 bucks.


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