Places to visit near Mumbai

Mumbai, The beautiful city with full of versatility posses everything that one thinks of. It provides an adventurous, peaceful and heart throbbing tourism that provides a greater zeal of inner satisfaction.

Mumbai is not only about the city site seeing, the fun and joy it provides from outer Mumbai is an unexplainable feeling. Some of the very important and versatile fun experiences you can get from the following destinations:

1. Elephanta caves

The UNESCO world heritage site which is just 11 kilometers away from Mumbai is an important piece of architecture that give you a chance to worship Lord Shiva with beautiful cravings, caves and unique architecture.

It is located on Elephanta island where you can reach by local ferries.

2. Kanheri caves

The 109 caves that defines one of the finest architecture in India here posses wooden hills and valleys. It is said that these caves were scooped between 200 BC and 600 AD.

Distance from CST- 42 km

Special time to visit- Monsoon


3. Mandwa and Kihim

A perfect place for nature lovers, full of coconut trees and a natural scenery that flatters your mind cannot be an enough description of this place.  The jungles of Kihim also provide a rare view of beautiful trees and plants species along with different species of birds. You can also enjoy surfing and tent stay here.

Distance from CST- 10 kms

4. Lonavala, Khandala and Karla

These are the very famous hill stations of Mumbai that attracts tourist from different parts of the world because of their beautiful monsoon, hills, historical forts and waterfalls. It will soothe your inner soul in a crowded city like Mumbai. Lonavala also provides some outer sightseeing in nearby areas.

Distance from CST- 104 kms

Special time to visit- Monsoon

5. Matheran

The Hart point view of Mumbai with little clouds in between is the key feature of this closest 800 m hill station from Mumbai gives a peaceful way of spending holidays.

Distance from CST- 96 kms

Special time to visit- Monsoon

6. Bassein

If one wants to feel the aura of India’s beach king Goa, then this is the place where you can feel this with the view of ruined forts built by Portuguese and enjoy special Portuguese cuisines.

Distance from CST- 16 kms


Some Special Gateway:

  • Panvel

 It is a 3000 years ago city of historic havelis and monuments and is situated in Raigarh district of Maharashtra. It is a main connecting place to Navi Mumbai from Thane. River Gadhi is also an attractive feature here.

Distance from CST- 65 kms


  • Karnala

The place for wildlife lovers and wild forest with beautiful hills surrounded is its key attraction. It also posses a fort surrounded from forest and whose higher level was used to watch enemies.

Distance from CST- 65 kms

  • Karjat

The forest cover, beautiful hills, peth forts, condana caves and farm houses resorts make it a favorite destination of tourists during weekends. An awesome picnic spot and scenic view, it also provides trekking and rafting.

Distance from CST- 70 kms

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Last modified: April 21, 2013