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Quarantine Workout of the Day 10-06-2020

At times like these were COVID19 is reaching its peak numbers in India. We need to keep our body fit and running for that we need to do some kind of physical activity.

So here at Talkingtrendo, we will be providing you daily home workouts sessions so you can keep your body fit at home. You do not have to visit the gym at these prevailing times.

Stretching- we will do two sets of each exercise.

1. World greatest stretch for 30 seconds each side.

2. Cammel cow pose for 30 seconds.

3. Release push-ups for 30 seconds.

4. Glute bridge for 30 seconds.

Warmup 2 sets

1. Leg shuffle for 1 minute.

2. Mountain climbing 30 seconds.

1 minute rest

Exercise:- In today’s workout we will focus on overall body strength development along with some cardio movements. For that we will do 2 AMRAPS each exercise we will perform for 45 seconds and we will take a rest for 15 seconds.

We will do a set of 5 exercises and will repeat it 5 times.

1 AMRAP 45 seconds ON 15 seconds OFF

1. Alternate leg reverse lunge to high knee.

2. Push up to 2 shoulder taps.

3. Power situps

4. Half burpee to power lunge.

5. Bear steps lateral walks.

2 AMRAP 45 seconds ONN 15 seconds OFF

1. Side-lying toe touches.

2. Plank bird dog.

3. Alternate single-leg v ups.

4. Bicycle crunches.

Then do cool-down exercises

1. Shoulder stretching do it for 30 seconds each hand.

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Last modified: June 10, 2020