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Due to retail inflation falling below 6% last month, the prices of some electronics have come down. Smart TVs have become 15-25% cheaper due to the stock clearance sale. Actually, after the bumper sale in festivals, the growth of the smart TV market has decreased in November-December. Because of this the stock is rising. In such a situation, the dealers have to clear the stock by reducing the prices.


  • Prices will remain low till March
  • New model TVs will come in the market from April
  • 32 inch smart TV is now available in 14 to 30 thousand

According to research, smart TV sales grew by 38% in the July-September quarter. Apart from festivals, the World Cup of sports like cricket, football was also the reason for this. After the festivals (in the December quarter), sales are expected to grow by just 8-9%. ‘Before festivals, companies increase the inventory of dealers’. After this, dealers sell the product by reducing the margin to clear the stock.

Prices will remain low till March

Rahul Sahni, partner of Delhi-based appliance dealer firm RV Sales, said that for the festive season, companies start sending goods to dealers in August itself. About 50% of the business of Smart TV is done in Diwali and festive season.

After this, sales remain sluggish from the last week of November till February-March. Since capital is locked up in stock holding, between November-March, dealers and wholesalers sell TVs at a discount of margin to clear stocks. That’s why TVs are available up to 25 percent cheaper in these months.

New model TVs will come in the market from April

According to Sahni, TV companies start launching new models from April. After the introduction of new models, the demand for the old models decreases. That’s why companies also give huge discounts in prices between November and March.

32 inch smart TV is now available in 14 to 30 thousand

Smart TVs are now available in the Rs 20,000 range as technology has become more affordable than ever. Branded (32 inch) smart TVs, which were available for 30-40 thousand till two years ago, are now available in the range of Rs 13,999-29,999.

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Last modified: January 2, 2023