Top 5 Sedans of June 2022

All about Top 5 most selling Sedans in June 2022 – Ranking ✓ Sold Units ✓ Sales chart.

The popularity of C segment sedan cars in India has come down significantly in the recent past. The biggest reason for this is the rapid popularity of the mid-size SUV segment. Almost all the brands have launched their models in the mid size SUV segment in India, so buyers have many options in this segment. According to the data released by the companies, carmakers like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors and Hyundai Motors have performed very well in June. In which we are talking about the most liked sedan cars in the month of June which are liked for their leg space, design, features and price. If you also want to buy a sedan car, then know here the complete details of top 5 best selling sedans in June 2022. Here we will tell you about the best selling sedan cars in the month of June.

Top 5 Sedans in June 2022.

Car NameSold Units in June, 2022Sold Units in June, 2021
1. Maruti Dzire12,59712,639
2. Tata Tigor4,9311.076
3. Hyundai Aura4,1023,126
4. Honda Amaze3,3501,487
5. Honda City3,2922,571

1. Maruti Dzire

Maruti Dzire has become the best selling sedan car of its company as well as this country in the month of June. This sedan is preferred for its price tag, mileage and cabin space. Maruti Suzuki has sold 12,597 units of this sedan in the month of June, whereas in the last year i.e. June 2021, the company sold 12,639 units of this sedan. Even after the decline in sales, this sedan has become the best selling sedan in the country.

2. Tata Tigor

Tata Tigor is the best selling sedan of its company which has now become the second best selling sedan in the country in June 2022. This sedan is liked for its design, mileage, price and features. Tata Motors has sold 4931 units of this sedan in June 2022, whereas in June 2021 last year, the company was able to sell only 1076 units of this sedan. was.

3. Hyundai Aura

Hyundai Aura is the lowest priced sedan of its company which is liked for its features, style and price. This sedan has now become the third most liked sedan in the country in June 2022. Hyundai Motors has sold 4102 units of this sedan in June 2022, while in June 2021 last year, a total of 1487 units of this car were sold. The company was sold.

4. Honda Amaze

Honda Motor has launched the new generation model of the Honda Amaze in an attempt to strengthen its Sedab portfolio in the sub-compact category. Equipped with new features, the new Amaze is expected to boost its sales in the coming days. In terms of sales in June. Honda sold 33,50 units against 1,487 units in June 2021.

5. Honda City

The fifth sedan in the top-5 sales list is again from a Honda. Honda’s flagship compact Sedan, the Honda City continues to be a favorite among buyers in the segment. Honda sold 3,292 units of City last month. Whereas last year in the same month 2,571 units were sold.

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Last modified: July 12, 2022