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Upcoming Electric Bikes and Scooters in Auto Expo 2023

India biggest motor show Auto Expo 2023 is just around the corner and this year’s event will see the many popular and new electric two-wheeler manufacturers brand, both from India and overseas, participate this show. The many old popular and new startup brand electric players are bound to show off their new products in the Auto Expo 2023 in India.

The last few months Indian electric bike and scooter market in the fast growing sells, so the many popular and new electric vehicle manufacture company enter this segments. The large number of old and new EV manufacturers company, including Joy E-Bikes, LML Emotions, Tork Motors and Greaves Electric Mobility and much company will have their models on display on the Auto Expo 2023.

The Brand Enter the Auto Expo 2023:-

  • Joy E-Bikes
  • LML Emotion
  • Tork Motors
  • Greaves Electric Mobility

Joy E-Bikes:-

Joy ER-Bikes is the India’s leading e-mobility brands, has announced to showcased the new product in the Auto Expo 2023.The Joy E-Bike is one such manufacturer who will be launching a new two-wheeler on the second day of the event. From the teaser of new product of the jJoy E-Bike you can make out that it is a scooter of sorts. The Joy E-Bike claims to be hast tag line ‘#ForTheUnbreakable’ and will be launched on January 12 at 3.15pm. It is likely to be a high speed eco friendly modern electric scooter to the electric user riders in India.

LML Emotion:-

The LML is the popular and old scooter and bike two wheelers manufacture company in India. In present time the Indian electric scooter and bike segments is the fast growing segments in India, so the LML company enter the electric vehicle segments. The LML company announced the comeback in all new electric avatar electric scooter and bike. The LML company will display the Star maxi type electric scooter and Moonshot electric bike at Auto Expo 2023 in India.

LML Moonshot:- The LML Moonshot is the pedal-assisted electric bike. The design cause of the LML Moonshot, the deign language of the supermoto type like styling with a flat bench-style seat and a beaky front fender. The electric bike equipped with portable type battery is housed at the front of the belly section in the electric bike. The electric bike also equipped with electric motor seems to be integrated at the rear wheel hub. The LML Moonshot electric bike gets the two types of power modes such as surge mode and city mode. The new electric bike capable to run the top speed of 70 kmph only.

LML Star:- The LML has announced that it will first electric scooter Star in Auto Expo 2023. The LML Star is the aggressive looking maxi type electric in the LML line-up in India. The LML Star is the equipped with the mid-mounted motor that sends power to the rear wheel via a belt drive system. The build on the strong type of chassis and chassis is suspended by a telescopic fork suspension at the front wheel and monoshock suspension at the rear wheel. 

Tork Motors:-

Tork Motors Next Generation E-Bike:-Tork Motors is the all new electric bike manufacture company in India. Tork Motors has announced that it will showcase its “next-generation e-bike at the Auto Expo 2023 in India. The Tork Motors share some details about its Next Gen E-Bike are sketchy at the moment. The Tork Motors said bike could likely be built on a completely build on new platform. The new bike is the more premium version of the Kratos R. The Next Generation Kratos R also features some new additional features like as more power, better battery range, faster charging capabilities and more modern instrument cluster.

Greaves Electric Mobility:-

The Greaves Electric is the also interested to enter the all new electric two wheelers vehicle segments in India. The Greaves Electric will showcase a new line of Ampere electric vehicles at the event. The Arctic Tern a migratory bird is said to have been an inspiration for the new Electric Vehicles’ aerodynamic and functional design of the vehicle. The Electric Vehicles will also have a completely new navigation system with a user interface that is easy to operate. This suggests that the Electric Vehicle is designed to offer quick and efficient mobility solution through tight spaces, with its lightweight and manoeuverability helping matters of the buyers.

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Last modified: January 10, 2023