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What entrepreneurs want from the new Government?

India, being a developing economy, is in a desperate need of innovation and novelty. In this new era of chance being plead, is Entrepreneurship an answer? It isn’t the only answer but one of them and a very vital one. Entrepreneurship consists of vast process in order to be successful other than having “just an idea”. There are various steps involved like financial funding, hiring people, growing the business, keeping an eye on competition and so much more than what just meets the eye. Even though we have resources and right people and right idea, there is something always missing when it comes to growth. In this case, Government is supposed to play an important role when it comes to entrepreneurs who have certain expectations. Entrepreneurs not only bring uniqueness to the economy but also create opportunities for others. But what do I, you and all of us expect from our government? Let’s have a look:

  • Be systematic: I want to be an entrepreneur and I have got just the idea of it. There should be a systematic information engine being handled by the government so implementation is feasible.


  • Head institution: there should be a body handling all the regulations, procedures, and related ‘need to know’ information at one place.


  • Support: The new changed government needs to understand the value of these entrepreneurs specially the young ones who provide with great future opportunities. There has to be more support in order to promote these new ideas and growing them, in the end growing our economy.


  • Tax laws: The taxation policies are expected to be analyzed from start to the core and any unnecessary loopholes should be removed leaving only the required information.


  • Transparency: our government has always been vague and not to the point when it comes to giving information to the people. Transparency is expected from the government so that entrepreneurs take more initiative and their creation has an impact on the country.

Conclusion: Business and new government automatically have a strong relation and one cannot survive without another. Our entrepreneurs have high expectations from the new government as well as from the future it’s going to lead us into. 

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Last modified: May 20, 2014