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What to expect from Apple IOS 8?

Apple today launched its latest software ios 8  WWDC 2014 conference at San Francisco. The new software includes lots of new features. The new added features are making Apple ios more and more closer to Android systems but more polished ones.

Lets looks at the key features of Ios 8 .

Improved IMessage

The new added features on IMesages will help it to compete with the likes of Whatsapp and other messengers. The new IMeggage will have tap in voice recorder as in Whatsapp . It will work like this hold the mic above the keyboard to record and send short voice messages ,you can also record and send short video messages by clicking on the camera button on the left. The new group supports the ability to leave a conversation as well as share locations among the chat’s members.



Apple ios has been always a closed system which is very rigid while allowing third party applications, but with the latest update Apple is letting some of the shackles fall off. This means you can take a photo in the camera app and then select an “edit” action and open it in the editor of your choice. Or, send a link from Safari directly to Gmail.

Much to the delight of many, Apple has also announced support for third-party keyboards. So pretty soon you will be able to download and use keyboards like Swype on iOS 8. Special keyboards for emoji, custom CJK layouts and input methods, and themed keyboards are also substantial revenue generators. Apple takes 30% of that cut, and loses basically nothing by letting iOS users change the input experience, other than some twisted and absurd philosophical battle that has apparently kept this from happening for so long.

Improved Keyboard

iOS 8 features a more intuitive keyboard that predict words efficiently and can even recognize which app you are using. It can tell if you are creating an email or simply sending out a text message for example if you start typing about a meeting in a formal way, the words suggested will be formal in nature too.


The feature no Android system is been able to deliver is Continuity of work which means you can easily start your work from your macbook or tablet and shift it to your Iphone.  

For eg you’re working on a mail on your MacBook, and you walk into the kitchen to get something to drink, and grab your iPad. Your iPad, even on the lock screen, already shows a small picture of the mail icon on the lower-left corner. Pull on it, and the mail you were working on with your MacBook will pop up on your iPad exactly where you left off. A part of this feature is Handoff, wherein you will be able send a document from your Mac to your iOS device.

Improved Multitasking

Apple has added more functionality to its multitasking window by adding one’s frequent contacts. These contacts will be seen as icons on top of the app windows and clicking on them will open up options to call, message and FaceTime with them.


 The new app in iOS that will track every aspect of your health. Diagnostic tools, fitness stats, lab test results, a personal health profile, your current medications, nutrition data, sleep information, vital signs, and a bevy of other biometrics can all allegedly be stored in the Healthkit app.

Interactive Notification 

This feature Android had for a long time but Apple has made an impact for more polished Notification center.  IOS 8 will actually allow actions to be completed directly from the notificationwithout ever leaving the app you’re currently in.

I cloud Drive 

 iOS 8 exclusively features the iCloud Drive that allows syncing of applications across all of your devices running the latest iOS version. It is considered a unified storage which acts similar with Google Drive and OneDrive.

Home Kit

Its goal is to integrate home automation products with Siri, for the most part, allowing you to use voice commands to control supported smart products. August, Phillips, Honeywell, iHome, TI, and a handful of other manufacturers have partnered with Apple on Home kit

Apple has improved Siri. Earlier you have to press in home button to start up siri now you can easily start by saying Hey siri. Siri also now supports 22 new dictation languages, and has enhanced voice recognition. 

Photo App and Backup

The photos app has been improved and is better synced with iCloud so the photos and videos can be accessed from any device. Apple has also improved its in-built editing capabilities with new tools like automatic straightening of horizons, adjust light and colors, and automatic fine tuning among others. IOS 8 users will have same feature that you enjoy on Android platform of photo backup.

Family Sharing ITunes

Apple’s new family sharing feature is actually pretty nice. It allows up to 6 people in a family group, all under the same credit card (not clear if that means same account), to share and manage all content they buy and download from iTunes and the App Store. Permissions can be delegated such that a family leader has to authorize purchases for certain group members.

TestFlight Integration 

The iOS App Store will now let developers select users for participation in beta programs. It’s not exactly clear how this feature will work, but it sounds like much more of a developer-controlled scheme than what Google introduced with its Google+ community beta tester system, which allows developers to open their apps for public beta testing (or closed, if they so choose) through the company’s social network.



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