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10 Reason why you are not losing weight

When we start our weight loss journey we are motivated we want to lose weight fast and we put our body through excruciating exercise regime and follow a low calorie diet.

In the start we lose weight as most of the weight we lose in the starting phase is water loss and with time our body adjust to the tricks you are implementing and it fights backs and we sometimes hit a plateau where we feel we are no more losing weight we are stagnant. A healthy weight loss takes time you cannot overall transform your body within weeks or months it requires years of dedication and commitment to achieve your dream body.

Here are the top reasons you have stopped losing weight.

1. You have hit a Plateau- Almost everyone hit a plateau in their weight loss journey. It means you have stopped losing weight with the same diet and exercise regime. With time your body gets efficient towards the workout you do. If you were burning 500 to 600 calories during the workout with time your body adjusts to the similar workout patterns and started burning fewer calories then earlier. Your body requires to be challenged with different workouts. The same is the case with the food you are eating if you had success in following a strict diet and you are following for a long time your body get efficient and stopped losing weight.

If you hit a plateau it can last one week or continue for months so to break a plateau you can take a break from the diet for few days and eat the foods that you were eating before dieting. By eating high-calorie food your body gets a boost from it and help you to restart your journey. Same can be done with exercise you can try out new workouts for eg if you are into weight lifting for long you try other workouts like pilates, yoga, kickboxing for few days. This kind of practice brings in a change in your lifestyle and helps you to break the plateau.

2. Your sleep pattern is disturbed- to fasten uo the process of weight loss some of us take caffeine supplements such as fat burners or increase our intake of coffee. High amount of caffeine affects our sleep time we tend to sleep late. To have an effective weight loss you need to concentrate on eating healthy food, doing regular workout and the third is rest. Your body needs its rest so to recover from the soreness of workout. If you are sleeping less than 6 hours in a day you are not giving an ample time to recover.

If your sleep pattern is disturbed you are sleeping late in the night there are chances you would deveiate from your diet and do binge eating that you were not supposed to eat. If you are earing morning gym person and you are not sleeping enough at night your body will be tired next day and there are chances you will not workout.

So to improve sleep pattern you need to stay away from caffeine at night and stay away from phones and tv at night as you may end up watching another episode of the series and compromising your sleep time.

3. Not Drinking enough water- water is an essential drink when you want to lose weight. It helps in digestion of your food and keeps you full and the best thing it is a zero-calorie drink. You need to at least drink 4 to 5 litres of water in a day and when you replace water with other sugar-laden beverages thinking that it is good for you. You are completely wrong on this aspect as these sugary beverages are high on calories and add to your weight.

4. Not Counting calories- When you start your weight loss journey to tend to cut on calories, started eating healthy food that makes a calorie deficit that results in weight loss. You think you can eat any amount of healthy food without counting calories of it and think you will lose weight. To lose weight calorie is all that matters if your healthy salad has dressing such as bbq sauce and mayo you will never lose weight. You have to thinks before what you are putting in your belly.

5. Not Working out with intensity- When you start you start slow and steady for eg you start losing weight with just walking for 30 mins but with time your the body gets familiar with the workout and you end up stranded in between. With time you need to increase the intensity of the workout or increase the time of the workout for eg earlier 30 mins walk and you were walking 2kms in that time now to speed up the process you need to increase the time and distance or you need to complete 2kms in 20 mins. In addition to exercise, try to be as active as you can: Take regular breaks from the computer, take walks whenever possible, stretch,

6. You have a medical condition- Weight loss depends upon many factors such as diet, exercise, body type, gender, age and many more factors. If we have managed to overcome these variables but still not able to lose weight you need to visit a doctor you may have a medical condition such as thyroid and diabetes which does not allow you to lose weight.

7. You are drinking too much alcohol- Alcohol beverages are high on calories as one gram of alcohol has 6 calories in them. If you want to lose weight to need to cut on alcoholic beverages. You brain does not count calories of beverages some times as it does with food. In most of the cases, people end up eating high-calorie food with your favourite beverage that does not help in losing weight.

8. Your expectation is unrealistic- To tend to overestimate your weight loss. When you start you may have lost a lot of weight but after some time weight loss slows down. You think that you can lose weight every week at the same speed that is not possible. At some point, your weight is going to reach a healthy set point where your body feels comfortable. Trying to go beyond that may not be worth the effort, and may even be impossible for you.

9. you may be losing weight but not realising it- When you are on diet for long and been having regular weight loss you in your mind think you are not having weight loss as on the scale it is not showing but you may be losing fat or losing inches from the body. Weight on scale depends on many thinks whether you have high-calorie food at night, you are feeling bloated and many other factors. Also, it is possible to gain muscle at the same time as you lose fat. This is particularly common if you recently started exercising.

10. You wait for too long to eat- When you space out your meals too much, your metabolism slows down and isn’t able to burn off all the calories you eat in your next meal. Those extra calories may wind up as extra weight. And you may overeat because you’re too hungry. Try eating smaller portions, and eat more often.

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Last modified: February 11, 2020