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Upcoming Electric Cars in India Under 10 lakh

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Electric cars demand is increasing day by day in India due to its upcoming 100% E-mobility future after announced by the Indian transport minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari and all road-map has been completed to move forward to Electric transformation. Here is where things are looking the brightest. While makers of two-wheeler are rushing in new electric products, car makers are also looking to catch on and cash in. Hyundai was one of the first off the block with its Kona e-SUV, followed by the likes of MG ZS EV and Tata Nexon EV. The price of an EV is coming down as electric versions of more affordable vehicles are being rolled out.

But if you want absolute luxury, there is Mercedes EQC as well. The launch of the first luxury EV in India from the German brand could possibly make its rivals in the luxury segment sit up and drive in their respective offerings.

As such, the EV movement in India is on the right track. There are more options than there have ever been and with incentives being dished out – Delhi has done away with road tax on battery-powered vehicles, the outlook is extremely positive. The pace of infrastructure for supporting vehicles, say many, is still a tad slow but there is no denying that it will pick up pace. As per the report, on an average consumers in India said they would consider purchasing an EV by 2022. This is two years earlier than the global average of 2024. However, two thirds (67 per cent) of consumers in India said they are adopting a “wait and see” approach. Over 40 per cent of fleet managers said they are waiting for competitors to make the switch before they do.

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Let’s check the list of Upcoming Electric cars in India Under 10 lakhs.

1. Renault Kwid EV (City KZ-E)

Renault has unveiled the Kwid EV at previous Shanghai motor show in China. Renault Kwid EV is based on the KZ-E concept which is smallest yet from the Fresh Automaker. The Renault City K-ZE is based on the same CMF-A platform. However Visually, the Renault City KZ-E is identical to the Kwid and also share some elements from the concept version. Renault has no plans to launch this EV car in India now, but industry moving towards majorly Electric cars it can be possible any time in India. Renault KZ-E could be a game change once launched in India.

  • Motor : Permanent magnet synchronous
  • Charging Time : 4 hrs and DC fast charge 80 percent in 40 minutes
  • Range/Mileage : 250-370 kms/charge
  • Launch Time : March, 2022
  • Expected Price : 5.0 – 7.0 lakh

2. GWM Ora R1 electric car

China’s car manufacture (Great Wall Motors) is going to introduce its vehicles in India for the first time. With this, company is all set to enter into the Indian electric car’s market. At the Auto Expo, Great Wall Motors will introduce some SUVs and an electric car Ora R1. Company claimed it , as cheapest car in the world. Ora R1 will get connectivity feature with Artificial Intelligence System which can be activated by saying “Hello Ora”. The Company can guarantee three years or 1.20 lakh km or eight years or 1.50 lakh km with Ora R1 electric Car.

  • Motor : Permanent magnet synchronous
  • Charging Time : 9-10 hrs and DC fast charge 80 percent in an hour
  • Range/Mileage : 300-350 kms/charge
  • Launch Time : Yet to be decide
  • Expected Price : 6.30 – 8.30 lakh

3. Maruti Suzuki WagonR EV

Maruti Suzuki will bring its first EV based on the Wagon R sometime in Early 2021. The upcoming Maruti Wagon R EV will feature standard AC charging that will take about 7hr to replenish the battery pack. Also expected is DC fast-charging that will allow juicing up the battery to around 80 percent in under an hour. A real-world driving range of around 130km is also expected.The company has not revealed a specific price point for the Wagon R EV but officials have hinted that the model will not come cheap. Expect Wagon R EV prices to be in the region of Rs 9-10 lakh (estimated, ex-showroom).

  • Motor : 3- phase permanent magnet synchronous
  • Charging Time : 7 hrs and DC fast charge 80 percent in an hour
  • Range/Mileage : 250-300 kms/charge
  • Launch Time : Yet to be decide
  • Expected Price : 9 – 10 lakh

4. Mahindra eKUV100

Mahindra & Mahindra have unveiled their plans to shape the ‘Future of Mobility’ at the Auto Expo 2018. The Future of Mobility is a showcase of Mahindra’s sustainable mobility solutions that are technologically advanced and aim to address the needs and preferences of the consumers. Mahindra has pushed the launch of the eKUV100 to early 2020 and now the model will come with an updated electric motor that makes 40kW (54.4hp). The battery can be charged in just 5hr 45min using a regular charger or 55min on a fast charger. The only downside, however, appears to be that the battery is rated at 15.9kWh and that the claimed maximum driving range is just around 120km

  • Motor : 3Phase AC Induction motor
  • Charging Time : 6-8 hrs and DC fast charge 80 percent in 55 min
  • Range/Mileage : 140 kms/charge
  • Launch Time : March of 2022
  • Expected Price : 8-9 lakh

5. Tata Altroz EV


Tata has introduced its premium hatchback car “Tata Altroz” along with EV variant in 2020 Auto Expo exhibition. Tata Altroz EV has been engineered on the ALFA (Agile Light Flexible Advanced) Architecture. With lightweight, modular and flexible characteristics, the new platform allows the manufacturing of multiple body styles with a choice of powertrains, including gasoline, diesel or full electric. Several reports have claimed that Tata Altroz EV will be priced over Rs 10 lakh.

  • Motor : Permanent magnet AC motor
  • Charging Time : 60 minutes
  • Range/Mileage : 250-300 kms/charge
  • Launch Time : June 2022
  • Expected Price : 12-15 lakh

6. Kia Soul EV

The first electric car from Kia is the Kia Soul EV was showcased at the Auto Expo 2020 and is expected to launch in India. The Soul is one of the most popular Kia cars, especially in the North American market. Talking about its electric version, the Soul EV shares its underpinnings with the Hyundai Kona electric, and hence making it easier to bring the car to the Indian market. Kia Soul EV has a boxy silhouette and features Kia’s signature tiger nose grille in front which also houses the charging port. Additionally, the front sports upswept, wraparound dual-barrel projector headlamps.

  • Motor : 1 Permanent magnet synchronous
  • Charging Time : 75 minutes
  • Range/Mileage : 250-350 kms/charge
  • Launch Time : December of 2022
  • Expected Price : 12-15 lakh

7. Tata Tiago EV

Unveiled, at Auto Expo 2018 Tata Tiago EV is ready to launch in India anytime in the coming months. Tata is focusing electric cars, However, company have total 4-5 electric cars ready to launch in India very soon, But due to Covid-19 pendemic the lauches could be delayed. Apart from, Government also supporting electric vehicles because it is a feature concept and we will have to find out the Petrol options as soon as possible. Right now every manufacture is step ahead up to and making a network for electric cars so that peoples will not get any problem on the road while driving. Tata Tiago EV exteriors will feature the new headlights, the new front and rear bumpers with stylish contours and the black radiator grille with chrome strip lining.

  • Motor : 3-Phase AC Induction motor
  • Charging Time : 90 minutes
  • Range/Mileage : 100-130 kms/charge
  • Launch Time : Nov, 2022
  • Expected Price : 10-15 lakh

8. Haima Bird EV1

Haima motors, a Chinese carmaker Haima Automobiles already showcased their upcoming three products on event of Auto Expo 2020. The most relevant among them is the Haima EV1 EV (sold as the Aishang EV 360 in China), which is designed to be an affordable, long-range electric vehicle. In terms of design, the Haima EV1 is rather simplistic – its upright stance and straight lines look dated, but the carmaker’s partner in India, Bird Electric, has said the India-spec model will look notably different. Haima’s EV1 is a small city car with a tallboy design that helps liberate maximum interior space within a limited physical footprint.

  • Motor : Permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Charging Time : — minutes
  • Range/Mileage : 200-300 kms/charge
  • Launch Time : Yet to be Decide
  • Expected Price : 9-12 lakh

9. 2021 Tata Tigor Electric Sedan

The Homegrown car motor company, Tata has launched its new Tata Tigor in a Electric avatar for the Indian market. As we reported erliear, Tata Motor will launch an all-new EV in the Indian market by the end of 2021. The new Tigor EV has come with more powerful variants with its 26kWh lithium-ion battery pack. With this battery pack Tigore can generate 75 hp power and 170 Nm of Torque. Tigor EV, which gets Tata’s advanced Ziptron high-voltage architecture that uses a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor producing 75hp and 170Nm. These output figures allow for a 0 to 60kph time of 5.7 seconds (claimed). Apart from, Tata also offers an 8 year/1,60,000km warranty on the battery and motor. The new 2021 Tigore ev also offers more mileage instead of old variant as it can run upto 306 kmrs on a single charge. The Tigor EV is capable of fast charging and can be topped up from 0 to 80 percent in just 60 minutes. Available in 3 variants – XE, XM and XZ+ (also comes in dual tone exterior colour with a gloss black roof).

  • Motor : Permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Charging Time : 60 minutes (Fast Charging)
  • Range/Mileage : 306 kms/charge
  • Launch Time : Launched
  • Price Range : 11.99 – 13.14 lakh
S.No Car Name Riding Range Top Speepd Expected Price
1. Renault Kwid EV 250-370 kms 105 kmph Rs. 5.0-7.0 lakhs
2. Ora R1 Electric Car 300-350 kms 102 kmph Rs. 6.3-8.5 lakhs
3. Maruti Suzuki WagonR EV 250-300 kms Rs. 9.0-10.0 lakhs
4. Mahindra eKUV100 120-140 kms 75 kmph Rs. 8.0-9.0 lakhs
5. Tata Altroz EV 250-300 kms 120 kmph Rs. 12.0-15.0 lakhs
6. Kia Soul EV 250-350 kms 145 kmph Rs. 12.0-15.0 lakhs
7. Tata Tiago EV 100-130 kms 135 kmph Rs. 10.0-15.0 lakhs
8. Haima Bird EV1 200-300 kms 120 kmph Rs. 9.0-12.0 lakhs
9.Tata Tigor EV 2021 306 kms 120 kmph Rs. 11.99-13.14 lakhs

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