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Domino’s Menu Price


Domino’s Menu Price

Domino’s Menu Price

Dominos Pizza, Inc. is a pizza delivery company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.  The company was founded in 1990 and it is ranked as the second largest pizza chain in the United States. Over the period since 1996, Domino’s Pizza India has remained focused on delivering great tasting Pizzas and sides, superior quality, exceptional customer service and value for money offerings. We have endeavored to establish a reputation for being a home delivery specialist capable of delivering pizzas within 30 minutes or else FREE to a community of loyal consumers from all our stores around the country. The company menu mainly features pizza, pasta, over-baked sandwiches, wings, boneless chicken, salads etc.

Mid day Happy Hours- Avail 30% off on Pizza from 11 Am to 4 pm order online. limited period offer

Weekend Offer -Get free garlic bread and dip with a minimum order of rs 400 or more on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The order should be made online.

Monday Magic -Get 20% off on Monday and earn a 30% discount coupon for your next order during this week.Domino’s Special Coupons for ordering online.

One on One Wednesday Offer- Buy one pizza and get one pizza free of same value or less.

Special Offers-Get a 20%discount on order of minimum Rs 350 bill any day during the week.

Friday Freakout-Order one pizza and get discount of 50% on second pizza.

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Home Delivery: 68886888

Serving Helpings-Regular is for one Person

Medium- This is for two people

Large – Three and above.

Side Orders- It helps as appetizers.

Dominos Menu

  Regular serves 1 Medium serves 2 Large serves 4  
Simply Veg        
Margherita 80 190 340  
Cheese Tomato Pizza 80 190 340  
Veg Treat        
Double Cheese Margherita 135 275 435  
Fresh Vegie 135 275 435  
Country Special 135 275 435  
Farmhouse 135 275 435  
Veg Special        
Pepper 180 335 500  
peppy Paneer 180 335 500  
Mexican Green Wave 180 335 500  
Deluxe Veggie 180 335 500  
Gourmet           180           335           500  
 5 Pepper           180           335           500  
Simply Non Veg        
Cheese and Bbq chicken 135 275 435  
Non Veg Treat        
Chicken Fiesta 180 335 500  
BBq Chicken 180 335 500  
spicy chicken 180 335 500  
Non Veg Special        
Zesty Chicken 215 380 535  
chicken Mexicana 215 380 535  
Keema do pyazza 215 380 535  
chicken golden delight 215 380 535  
Non Veg Supreme           250           530           590  
Veg Extravaganza 225 400 545  
Meatza 250 530 590  
Cheese and Pepperoni 250 530 590  
Pizza Mania    
Veg Singles 170  
onion,golden corn,capsicum,soya    
Veg Doubles    
onion &capsicum,soya&corn,jalapeno&pineapple,panner &onion 220  
Non Veg Singles    
bbq chicken,spicy chicken, zesty chicken sausage,chunky chicken 260  
Non Veg double    
jalapeno bbq chicken, onion&spicy chicken, onion& zesty chicken sausage    
Mixed DOUBLES    
jalapino & pineapple, soya & corn, onion &spicy chicken capsicum &chunky chicken 265  

Domino’s Side Order

Domino’s Side Order

Choise of Dips  
Cheese and Basil/tartar dip 20
Cheese  jelopeno 20
Side Orders  
Taco Indiana veg 89
Taco Indiana Chicken 99
stuffed garlic bread 89
pasta Italiano veg red/white 110
garlic breadsticks 79
chicken Wings 110
chicken kickers 110
nutty choco lava 70
 choco lava 65
butterscotch cheese cake 59
coke           mrp
Veg Lebanese Roll 89
Chicken Lebanese Roll 105
Spicy Baked Chicken 119
Twisty Bread      59
Calzone Rocket Veg 55
Calzone Rocket Non Veg 65






  1. Taco is the best thing in Dominos.Choco lava cake is awesum too.
    On pizza i like thin crust pizza of dominos

  2. I love thier thin crust veg extrevaganza pizza.. They should restart thier twisty breads again, they were best thing on the domminos menu…

  3. I just love farmhouse n Mexican green waive with cheese burst base I just love it but without garlic bread d feeling is complete n d whole menu is very tempting

  4. i dont know why people like tacos it is the worst thing dominos have
    like cheese burst

  5. thin crust base is the best base offered by dominos.

  6. I love deep dish margherita

    • It goes best with my wine

  7. I love country special in thin thrust base as well as chocolava

  8. Your message…

  9. Chicken taco are awesome and stuffed garlic bread..

  10. Mexican green wave wd thin vrust base s just hard to resist, even one can afford extra pound of kilos for that!! :p

  11. dominos offers are much more better then pizza hut offers.. tody will go for wednesday discount offer