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Domino’s Menu Price


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Hungry kya? Dominos kha…

I still remember this commercial which portrayed a famished guy dialing the pizza delivery service to curb his hunger and they play a prophecy in the background saying – if you are hungry? Then dial Dominos. Pretty hilarious, isn’t it, but I totally agree with the commercial as Domino’s boasts of some awesome, lip smacking, mouthwatering dishes and combos that cater to every foodies’ hunger and imagination. Imagination because the manner in which a customer is at liberty, to choose from his type of bread to toppings to the last ounce of pepper, is quite scintillating. Domino’s also offers online coupon codes to enjoy great discount deals on Pizza, Side orders and Beverages. Use pizza discount coupons for takeaway and delivery. The latest offers on Online Purchases are:-

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Domino’s will now deliver pizza on Indian Trains. Now a train passenger can also order and enjoy hot pizza at his or her seat while traveling. The passenger can also order through toll-free number 1800-1034-139 and 0120-2383892-99 or an SMS to 139 giving details of his PNR and seat number. How can i make order by SMS SMS (“MEAL <PNR>” at 139) e.g. “MEAL 4400917093” at 139.

Domino’s Home Delivery: 68886888

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Serving Helpings:

  • Regular – It is for one Person.
  • Medium -This is for two people.
  • Large – Three and above.
  • Side Orders – It helps as appetizers.

The All New Domino’s Burger Pizza:

Burger Pizza – Looks like a Burger & Tastes like a Pizza

Just Starting from Rs. 99 Only

Burger Pizza – Domino’s Pizza Introducing all new Burger Pizza with the tag line looks like a burger, tastes like a pizza. Burger Pizza is burger sized but comes in a small pizza box. It is come with pizza toppings such as herbs, vegetables, tomato sauce and mozzarella, sandwiched between two buns. Domino’s Pizza offer in a vegetarian and chicken variant Burger Pizza with prices starting at Rs 80. It will be available at all the Domino’s restaurants across India.


Burger Pizza

Burger Pizza Price List:

  • Classic Veg – Rs. 99
  • Premium Veg – Rs. 129
  • Classic Non Veg – Rs. 139

Domino’S Pizza:

Newly Added Veg Pizza

Newly Added Non Veg Pizza

Simply Veg

  • Margherita

Simply Non Veg

  • Cheese & Barbeque Chicken

  • Chicken Salami Special

Veg Delight

  • Spicy Tripl Tango

  • Double Cheese Margherita

Non Veg Delight

Veg Treat

  • Farmhouse

  • Country Special

  • Mexican Green wave

Non Veg Treat

  • Barbeque Chicken

  • Barbeque Chicken Fiesta

Veg Special

  • Peppy Paneer

  • Veggie Paradise

  • 5 Pepper

  • Deluxe Veggie

Non Veg Special

  • Chicken Lover

  • Chicken Mexicana

  • Chicken Golden Delight

  • Chefs Chicken Choice

Veg Feast Pizzas

  • Veg Extravaganza

  • Cloud 9

  • Chefs Veg Wonder

Non Veg Feast Pizzas

  • Chicken Dominator

  • Seventh Heaven

  • Cheese & Pepperoni

  • Non Veg Supreme


Monday Magic – Get 20% off on Monday and earn  30% discount coupon for your next order during this week. Domino’s Special Coupons for ordering online. Offer valid from Thursday to Saturday.

Whats a Wednesday- Get a 25% discount on order of minimum Rs 350/-.

Special Offers – Get a 25% discount on order of minimum Rs. 350 or Rs. 100 off on bill of more than 400 rupees.

Friday Freakout – Order one pizza and get discount of 50% on Second Pizza. You also have a range of offers when you go for In-house Dining to your nearest Dominos Outlet.

Special Treat Offer: Enjoy the Delicious New Junior’s Joy Box for Rs. 69/- with a Medium/Large Pizza + Coke/Dessert.

Tastiest Pizza Offer: Buy a fresh Pan Pizza and get a 50% discount on the Second Pizza of the same or lesser value.

Juicy and Spicy Offer: Enjoy Veg. Calzone Pockets for Rs. 59/- with a Medium/Large Pizza + Coke/Dessert. (Rs. 10/- Extra for Chicken).

Sweet Moment Offer: Enjoy FREE Choco Lava Cake with a Medium/Large Pizza + Garlic Bread Sticks with Cheese Dip.

Domino’s have added two new products in there large menu one sweet dish Custard Bliss for Rs 49 and a new base of double cheese crunch for Rs. 85.

In India Domino’s competes with the likes of Pizza Hut, Chicago Pizza and Insta Pizza.

Domino’s Menu:


Veg Pizza Regular Medium Large
Achaari Do Pyaaza Rs. 165 Rs. 305 Rs. 495
Kadhai Paneer Rs. 215 Rs. 395 Rs. 595
Paneer Makhani Rs. 215 Rs. 395 Rs. 595
Non Veg Pizza Regular Medium Large
Chicke Keema Do Pyaaza Rs. 165 Rs. 305 Rs. 495
Bhuna Murg Rs. 305 Rs. 570 Rs. 835


Veg Pizza Regular Medium Large
Margherita Rs. 99 Rs. 199 Rs. 395
Cheese & Corn Rs. 165 Rs. 305 Rs. 495
Cheese & Tomato Rs. 165 Rs. 305 Rs. 495
Double Cheese Margherita Rs. 185 Rs. 335 Rs. 535
Fresh Veggie Rs. 185 Rs. 335 Rs. 535
Framhouse Rs. 215 Rs. 395 Rs. 595
Mexican Green Wave Rs. 215 Rs. 395 Rs. 595
Peppy Paneer Rs. 215 Rs. 395 Rs. 595
Veggie Paradise Rs. 215 Rs. 395 Rs. 595
Paneer Makhni Rs. 215 Rs. 395 Rs. 595
Deluxe Veggie Rs. 235 Rs. 450 Rs. 695
Veg Extravaganza Rs. 235 Rs. 450 Rs. 695
Indi Tandoori Paneer Rs. 235 Rs. 450 Rs. 695


Non Veg Pizza Regular Medium Large
Chicken Sausage Rs. 165 Rs. 305 Rs. 495
Pepper Barbecue Chicken Rs. 185 Rs. 335 Rs. 535
Pepper Barbecue & Onion Rs. 215 Rs. 395 Rs. 595
Chicken Golden Delight Rs. 235 Rs. 450 Rs. 695
Chicken Fiesta Rs. 235 Rs. 450 Rs. 695
Chicken Pepperoni Rs. 305 Rs. 570 Rs. 835
Chicken Dominator Rs. 305 Rs. 570 Rs. 835
Non Veg Supreme Rs. 305 Rs. 570 Rs. 835
Indi Chiken Tikka Rs. 305 Rs. 570 Rs. 835


Veg Pizza Pizza Meal
Tomato Rs. 59 RS. 99
Onion Rs. 59 RS. 99
Capsicum Rs. 75 RS. 115
Golden Corn Rs. 79 RS. 119
Paneer Special Rs. 95 RS. 135
Cheesy Rs. 99 RS. 139
Loaded Veg Rs. 135 RS. 175


Non Veg Pizza Pizza Meal
Chicken Sausage Rs. 95 RS. 135
Pepper Barbecue Chicken Rs. 105 RS. 145
Loaded Non Veg Rs. 155 RS. 195
#Upgrade Pizza Mania to Fresh Pan Crust – Add Rs. 30
Upgrade Your Crust Regular Medium
Wheat Thin Crust   Add Rs. 50
Fresh Pan Add Rs. 30 Add Rs. 40
Cheese Brust Add Rs. 75 Add Rs. 99


Veg Regular Medium Large
Extra Cheese Rs. 50 Rs. 75 Rs. 95
Vegetarian Rs. 35 Rs. 60 Rs. 80
Non Veg Regular Medium Large
Chicken Rs. 50 Rs. 75 Rs. 95


Get Any Regular 2 Pizza of @ Rs. 99 Each & @ Rs. 119 Each
@ Rs. 149 Each & @ Rs. 189 Each
@ Rs. 219 Each
Get Any Medium 2 Pizza of @ Rs. 199 Each & @ Rs. 219 Each
@ Rs. 249 Each & @ Rs. 299 Each
@ Rs. 399 Each


Potato Cheese Shots (5 Pcs) @ Rs. 59 Each
Crunchy Strips @ Rs. 59 Each
Brownie Fantasy @ Rs. 59 Each
Taco Mexicana (Veg Single) @ Rs. 59 Each
Crinkle Fries @ Rs. 59 Each
Get Pizza Add Ons Rs. 49 Each (Offer Applicable with Minimum One Pizza in Order)
Garlic Breadsticks Rs. 99
Stuffed Garlic Bread Rs. 145

#Add Cheesy Jalalpeno Dip Cheesy Dip 20g – Rs. 25

Delicious Sides Veg Chicken
Taco Mexicana Rs. 118 Rs. 135
Pasta Italiano White Rs. 135 Rs. 145
Zingy Parcel Rs. 39 Rs. 45


Classic Veg Rs. 105
Premium Veg Rs. 135
Classic Non Veg Rs. 145


Roasted Chicken Wings (4 Pcs) Rs. 119
Chicken Meatbals (5 Pcs) Rs. 109
Boneless Chicken Wings (4 Pcs) Rs. 149


*Pizza Add On + Drink (350 ML) Rs. 89
Add Choco Lava Cake Rs. 99
* Add Butterscotch Mousse Cake Rs. 99 (MRP)
Add Garlic Breadsticks + Pespsi (500ML) Rs. 139


Drink (350 ML) Rs. 65
Packaged Drinking Water Rs.20
*Pepsi / Diet Pepsi / 7Up / Mountain Dew MRP
Mirinda / Slice MRP
Lipton Ice Tea Pet MRP
Tropicana Sauce MRP

Make it as mouthwateringly unique as you want—ordering a pizza online was never this easy and satisfying. Order pizza online from Domino’s pizza menu, or use Domino’s Pizza Builder to help you visualize your appetizing creation right down the very last pepper. Pile toppings onto your choice of crusts, ranging from Hand Tossed to Crunchy Thin to Ultimate Deep Dish to Brooklyn Style to Gluten Free. Then watch your pizza delivery in progress online via our Pizza Tracker. You can see your order go from your fingertips to our ovens and into the hands of delivery guys and gals, who rush your hand-made culinary masterpiece right to your door. But they do provide more than just pizzas. Domino’s delivery can bring you a tasty oven-baked sandwich (Chicken Bacon Ranch, anyone?), a saucy pasta dish like  Chicken Carbonara (Choice of seasoned bread bowl for added deliciousness), sides like Stuffed Cheesy Bread and Parmesan Bread Bites.



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