5 Cafes in Delhi that you must visit atleast once

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There are many cafes in Delhi that claim of giving you the time of your life but we have a list of cafes that you must visit if you are in Delhi. Some of them are quiet and some are full of a rocking, lively vibe. Lets explore more about these cafes.

Which is the 5 Cafes in Delhi that you must visit atleast once

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If you are visitng Nariman Point area, then Frangipani is the place where you must swing by and have a brunch for sure. With a heavy influence from European culture, this place has become a synonym of Sophistication. Their menu is full with a wide number of choices that range from salads to authentic main course meals. This is a place that can make your day a memorable one for sure.

Lotus Cafe

Lotus Cafe in JW Marriott, Juhu Beach is one hell of a place that is well known for its soothing ambience and the seaside view. Breath-taking view of the sea from their hall, one of the best buffet and Brunch in the town and a live kitchen are some of the features of this wonderful place. They have half-a-dozen cuisines with over 30 dishes in the Brunch itself which is a delight to all the foodies.

Mocambo Cafe

Situated in Fort district, Mocambo Cafe is a place having high European influences on its decor, ambience and food as well. The influences can be seen in the menu as it includes exotic dishes from European countries and cuisines & cloth napkins and table clothes which are starched just add to its perfection. In short, a very suitable place to have a brunch.

Leopold Cafe

This place is really hard to beat. Leopold Cafe has made a big name for itself and has gained some really decent and loyal fans in its existence.Their decent Brunch is well known throughout the city of Mumbai and you can always witness tons of people going for the same. They offer cuisines such as Chinese, Indian and Tandoori which makes the brunch even more interesting.

Cafe Mondegar

Another pioneer in serving Brunch is Cafe Mondegar. Located in Colaba, this place has been pulling in the crowd fron year 1970’s. The decor of this place is basically due to the colorful paintings painted on the walls by cartoonist Mario Miranda and gives this place a unique touch of art and humour. The menu gives some really good choices from Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine which is a sheer delight.

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Last modified: August 25, 2015