5 places in Delhi with better coffee than branded outlets

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Whenever we hear or think about having a coffee, the very obvious thoughts that pop into our heads is what? Starbucks? CCD? Barista? Costa Coffee? But are these the only outlets in the city where you can get good coffee? Not actually. These are the most hyped ones, the outlets about which people talk about the most. These are the branded outlets. In this article, we will guide you to much better coffee outlets where coffee will soothe you and make you forget the old-school coffee outlets.

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 Cafe Lota, Pragati Maidan

Located at National Crafts Museum & run by the very same, Cafe Lota serves you an amazing cup of coffee in a fully artistic way. They serve traditional coffee with an essence of beans from South India blended in an exquisite way to make you feel the real coffee. A thrilling place to visit. A single cup of coffee here will cost you approximately 120 bucks.

Kunzum Travel Cafe, HKV

The cafe which uses the unique concept of pay as you plead, Kunzum Travel Cafe in Hauz Khas Village is cafe very frequently visited and loved by the Youngsters and Travelling enthusiasts. With some amazing travel books and brilliant photography on the walls, Kunzum is also known for serving divine coffee that will make your experience just perfect. No need to mention the price as you have to pay what you think is right.

Diggin, Anand Lok

Located in Anand Lok, Opposite Gargi College, Diggin is a true tribute to the South campus landmark. This place has given refuge to many tired students who were in desperate need of a coffee break. The best coffee here that you should not miss at any cost is THE DIGGIN COFFEE, an expresso by nature which is topped with choco chips and chocolate sauce. Price for a single cup of coffee starts from Rs 85.

Cafe Turtle, Khan Market

Old is Gold. Indeed. The decor of this cafe is extremely beautiful and if you want to have a good reunion with friends and a chat with them over a cuppa coffee, then there is no better place than this. Affogato will become your instant favorite as it is a scoop of ice cream topped with a blended shot of Expresso. Prices start from Rs 100/ Cup.

Chocolateria San Churro, GK-II

Visit them first and we can bet you will thank us for sure. San Churro is a cafe where the coffee is blended to perfection and it is a place which is the biggest contender to be the top-notch coffee house. Their ambience, decor, staff service, everything is up to the mark and Macchiato and The After Eight Mocha is our recommendation to you. A single cup will cost you around 120 bucks.

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