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A Newly discovered Drug- Snake Bite

Indians are known to get impacted by the western culture very soon. India is like a plate of salad, which has the charcteristics (flavours) of various nations. We welcome people from across the globe with open arms. When people from different countries land in India, they bring their cultures with them. People have various ways of celebrations.

The Indian way of celebration was through organising get-togethers and then eating together and chatting with friends and relatives. But, the western way of celebration comprises of a similar get-together but with an element of dance and booze with it. One of the latest styles of partying is the Rave Party. This trend is being widely followed by Indians as well. All the youngsters, whose parents have accounts in the Swiss Bank with tons of money deposited in them, usually go for these parties. Even huge celebrities, models, potential models and cricketers go for these parties. Rave parties are known for getting people high on alcohol and drugs. The music in these parties is spell-bounding and heart-throbbing. You lose yourself to the noise and crowd, when you enter such a party.

I have a friend of mine, whose dad is one of the leading businessmen of India. She parties like hell, across the year. She goes for rave parties as well. Once, she told me of a peculiar kind of drug that she took, after which she had no idea about where she was. Though it went off the next morning, but it was enough to burn her heart and mind in the music of the night. The normal drugs that are used in these parties are Cocaine, DMT, Amphetamine, Marijuana, MDMA, 2CB, LSD, Ketamine, etc. But, this time she told me about using Snake Bite as a drug. Yes! This is not the name of a new drug, but the actual bite of a snake.

I thought of writing about this drug, as it would be a shocker for most of us and a useful article for the Party Animals. The venom of cobras is a used an exotic stimulant. Snakes are smuggled into Delhi for these parties. The Delhi government busted a rave party in East Delhi and seized half-a-litre of snake venom whioch costs millions of rupees in the international market.

Cobras are highly endangered species and the drugs prepared from their venom namely K-72 and K-76, are available at very high costs. But, the youngsters coming to hushed-up parties don’t care about the money element, but the drug element and the kick that they get from the drug.

Snake Venom increases your stamina to dance from dusk till dawn. This venom is also available in the form of a powder. A pinch of this powder can leave your hand banging for hours and hours. This is also used for doping purposes.

Girls need to be strictly aware of this, as your friend can get you hold a snake for fun and then get you bitten by that snake. If that snake bites you, you may even lose conscious for some time or maybe faint. This leaves you at the mercy of that guy. I hope you know what I meant.

This is also a matter of concern for the Government and Non-Government Organisations working to protect endangered species of animals across India. These cobras are a highly endangered group, who can die if the venom is extracted from them in a huge amount. In that party in East Delhi, the police also found a dead snake.

So, this is a startling fact for most of us. The Indian government should actually start fining hotels and bars that allow such parties in their premises. Animals are a national property, which should be saved and if required used, but for our benefit only. This drug can have dire consequences and prove to be very fatalistic, as it even leads to the death of the person, if taken in a huge amount.

God gave this Earth to man to be used for his benefit. He told him to eat the fruits of any tree except one. But, the Satan came as a python and asked man to eat that fruit and he did. This led to the man being thrown out of the beautiful Garden of Eden, which provided him with all the basic necessities of life. Man had to leave the garden along with his wife, who had an equal share in his disobedience. Man, now had to go out and work under the harsh Sun, till the land and grow crops to feed himself and his wife. His wife too experienced unbearable problems and pain during her pregnancy.

So, you see, snakes have been harmful for us from the time our planet came into being. So, there is no point in using them as a means of getting high for rave parties. We all should remember the importance of animals for the sustainance of our food cycle, which ensures our existence on our Mother Earth.

I even asked my friend to stop going for such parties, as it is useless to waste your parents’ money in such parties. Even if your parents have stacks of money overflowing from your cupboard, even if they don’t keep account of your lavish spendings; you should have some responsibilities towards them. The day your father grows old, your studies, knowledge and intelligence will help him to take his business forward and not your huge intake of drugs. Drugs ruin your life forever. Though, they give you happiness for the time being, they can cost you your whole life and fill the life of your family members with unhappiness and darkness forever.

I know it’s difficult to get over drugs, but remember, an Intention can change the world. So, promise to yourself today and decide to quit such parties. I asked my friend to do so, and she did, and today she cannot stop thanking me for I did.

I wrote this article to make you aware of the peculiarities of steping into the 21st Century. Keep up-to-date with such developments and don’t start doing them. They seem to be adventurous and unique, but they usually come at the cost of your life. So, Be Safe! Enjoy Life! Get high on the Happiness in your life and not Snake’s Bite!   

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Last modified: June 18, 2014