Apple Iphone 5 vs Iphone 5s VS iphone 5 c Price India Comparison

To decide upon which Iphone to buy price is a key criteria.With current rates announced and dollar prices this is what we believe will be likely prices

Iphone 5 C – price of an unlocked device have been revealed and for the 16gb version you will have to spend $549 approx Rs 36,000 and for 32 GB version you have to spend  649$ approx. Rs 42,000. As the new 5c will take the place of Iphone 5 which has been discontinued so this is not just a budget smartphone from Apple.

The iPhone 5S on the other hand is priced at $649 Rs. 41,750 for the 16GB version, 749$ Rs. 48,200 for 32 GB and 849$Rs. 54,616 for the 64 GB version. Quite high prices this time around, but it will be interesting to see how Apple prices the iPhone 5C as well as the iPhone 5S when it launches in India.

The Iphone 4s will be  available at 29000 in the market.

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