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Auto Expo 2023: Day 1 Highlights

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New Delhi, Auto Expo 2023 has started. January 11 was the first day of this auto show, where many big automakers from India and abroad attracted the attention of people with their spectacular models. On the one hand, domestic companies like Maruti and Tata introduced and launched their models with electric and ICE engines. At the same time, foreign companies like Kia, MG, Toyota and Hyundai also surprised people with their concept cars. So let’s know which vehicles were unveiled on the first day of Auto Expo.


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1. Upcoming Maruti Suzuki eVX SUV

Maruti Suzuki introduced its first electric SUV eVX at the Auto Expo 2023. The specialty of this car is that once it is fully charged, it achieves a range of 550 km. It also gets a 60kWh battery pack.

  • Range:- Upto 550 kmrs
  • Battery:- 60.0 kWh
  • Launch Date:- 2025
  • Price Range:- 15-20 lakh. (approximate)

2. MG Hector 2023

MG has introduced 6 and 7 seater variants of its Hector 2023 at the Auto Expo. Where on one side the price of 7 seater variants has been kept between Rs 14.71 lakh to Rs 22.42 lakh. At the same time, the prices of 6 seater variants will be brought later. A total of 11 safety features have been given in Hector and ADAS Level 2 has been given in it. Along with this, the company has also unveiled its upcoming electric car MG4 and electric SUV MG eHS as well as MG6 sedan. MG’s pavilion at Auto Expo 2023 is named MG Drive.Ahead India Vision.


  • Engine:- 1.5-litre plug-in hybrid petrol engine
  • Acceleration (0-100):- 6.9 seconds
  • Launch Date:- Yet to be decide
  • Price Range:- 15-20 lakh. (approximate)


  • Range:- Upto 350 to 450 kmrs
  • Battery:- 51.0 kWh | 64.0 KWh
  • Launch Date:- 2023
  • Price Range:- 25-30 lakh. (approximate)


  • Range:- Upto 402 kmrs
  • Battery:- 61.1 KWh
  • Launch Date:- 2024
  • Price Range:- 35-40 lakh. (approximate)


  • Range:- Upto 450 to 550 kmrs
  • Battery:- 90.0 KWh
  • Launch Date:- 2025
  • Price Range:- 55-60 lakh. (approximate)
  • Top Speed:- 180 kmph

3. Hyundai Ioniq 5

After a long wait, Hyundai also launched its Ioniq 5 all-electric crossover. Its price has been kept at Rs 44.95 lakh. Also, it is available in three color options – Optic White, Gravity Gold Matte, and Midnight Black Pearl. Once charged, this car gets a certified range of 621 km.

  • Range:- Upto 621 kmrs
  • Battery:- 72.6 kWh
  • Launch Date:- Launched
  • Price Range:- Rs. 44.95 lakh. (Ex-showroom)

Hyundai Ioniq 6

  • Range:- Upto 610 kmrs
  • Battery:- 77.4 kWh
  • Launch Date:- Yet to be Decide
  • Price Range:- Yet to be Decide (Ex-showroom)
  • DC Fast Charging Time:- Charge up to 80% in 35 mins.

4. Kia EV9 Concept And KA4

Kia India introduced two of its models at the Auto Expo 2023. It has the first EV9 concept car which could go on sale in global markets before the end of this year or early next year. The car packs a 77.4kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack and can deliver a range of 483 km on a single charge. Whereas, the other car is the KA4, which comes with features like 12.3-inch touchscreen and digital console.

  • Range:- Upto 540 kmrs
  • Battery:- 77.4 kWh
  • DC Fast Charging Time:- Charge up to 80% in 20 mins.
  • Price Range:- Yet to be Decide (Ex-showroom)

5. BYD Seal And Atto 3 Special Edition

China’s automobile manufacturer BYD has introduced its sedan car SEAL. It is being said that it can be launched in the fourth quarter of 2023. There is no information on its powertrain as of now, but its RWD and AWD powertrain configurations are available for sale overseas.

On the other hand, a special edition of BYD Atto 3 has also been brought. This SUV can accelerate to 100 KMPH in 7.3 seconds and is capable of giving a range of 521 km.

BYD Seal electric sedan

  • Range:- Upto 550 to 700 kmrs
  • Battery:- 61.4 kWh | 82.5 KWh
  • Launch Date:- October, 2023
  • Price Range:- 70 lakh. (approximate)

BYD Atto 3 special edition

  • Range:- Upto 521 kmrs
  • Battery:- 60.48 kWh
  • Price Range:- Rs 34.49 lakh (Ex-showroom)
  • DC Fast Charging Time:- Charge up to 80% in 50 mins.

6. Lexus RX

Luxury car maker Lexus has introduced its luxurious RX at Auto Expo 2023. The 350h and RX 500h are positioned as F Sport performance cars. Also, the RX350h car is available in 8 exterior colors and the RX500h is available in 6 exterior colors.

  • Engine:- 2.5-litre | 2.4-litre turbo strong-hybrid petrol engines
  • Acceleration (0-100):- 7.9 | 6.2 seconds
  • Launch Date:- March, 2023
  • Price Range:- Rs 1.11Cr. (approximate)

7. Toyota bZ4X

Toyota has also introduced a concept car at the Auto Expo 2023. It has been named bZ4X compact SUV. The car features ultra-sharp edges and body lines with a roof and high beltline.

  • Range:- Upto 470 to 516 kmrs
  • Battery:- 71.4 kWh
  • Price Range:- Rs 22 to 28 lakh (approximate)
  • DC Fast Charging Time:- Charge up to 80% in 30 mins.

8. Tata Cars

Tata Cars has launched many of its luxurious cars at the Auto Expo 2023. In this, the concept car Curve, Avinya EV, Harrier EV, Punch and Altroz, CNG and Sierra EV have been introduced.

Tata Harrier EV

  • Range:- Upto 500 kmrs
  • Battery:- 64.4 kWh
  • Price Range:- Rs 35 to 40 lakh (approximate)
  • Launch Date:- 2024

Online Booking and Ticket Price

Auto Expo Vehicles 2023:– 13-18 January at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, UP, INDIA and

Auto Expo Components 2023:– 12-15 January at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, INDIA.

Location:– India Expo Mart: Greater Noida

Ticket Price:–

  • Rs 750 – Business Hours – 13 January 2023
  • Rs 475 – General Public 14 – 15 January 2023
  • Rs 350 – General Public 16 – 18 January 2023
Day and DateBusiness HoursGeneral Public Hours
Friday, 13 January, 202311 AM – 7 PM
Saturday, 14 January, 202311 AM – 8 PM
Sunday, 15 January, 202311 AM – 8 PM
Monday, 16 January, 202311 AM – 8 PM
Tuesday, 17 January, 202311 AM – 8 PM
Wednesday, 18 January, 202311 AM – 8 PM

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