Bar’s in Chennai

If you want to make your night as superb as the day, the nightlife in Chennai is the perfect retreat for you. There are many disco the ques in Chennai. The nightlife in Chennai is energetic and rising ranging from bars to pool parlors to lounges and clubs as well.



Leather Bar  

Leather Bar restaurant is located at The Park Chennai, Chennai. The rich black leather floor blends into olive suede walls. The space pays honor to Chennai, the city of leather. The DJ on the private console overlooks the lobby and interweaves sound.

Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar is located in Kancheepuram, Chennai. Anchor Bar is a fabulous place to sit down, relax and have a drink. It has an extremely tropical-inspired decor, which provides the perfect setting for a weekend getaway.

Crystal Bar

Crystal Bar is located in Nungambakkam, Chennai. It’s one of the oldest bars in Chennai; visit Crystal to enjoy something modest and pleasant. With a simple and moving setting, you’ll get the best of home as well as imported liquor here.

Bamboo Bar

Bamboo Bar is located in Mylapore, Chennai. The bar transports you into a different world almost exact absent, away from the disorder and hustle-bustle of city life. The bar plays soft music and as a effect attracts an older clientele.

Zara Tapas

Zara Tapas Bar is located in Gopalapuram, Chennai. This is one resto-bar which has been a vast hit since it opened its doors. The ambience is good, the place looks attractive and it is a great place to visit.

The Dome

The Dome is located on GST Road, Chennai. This graceful and stylish bar has a wonderful ambience with its piped in music and interiors that look like a club. A great place for a quiet evening with a great choice of drinks, The Dome is located on the lobby and if it gets crowded.

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