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Best 7 Android Apps of May 2014

There are thousands of Applications for Android being introduced regularly, with so many different purposes, distinct variety that choosing apps could be a task for you, me and everyone. Every single we find another new app right there in our phones and don’t know what it is. Here are some apps in May 2014 considered to be great apps. Check them out and experience if that’s true:


  1. Bright Weather: This application is being referred to most comprehensive weather app which is to be experienced the only; we can judge this app’s worthiness. We have seen many weather applications. But this surely is lovely app in its design. It’s pretty looking and eye catchy. Maybe that’s why it is considered to be one of best applications because it’s attractive. This app is for free so go on to your play store, try it out.
  2.  Motorola Alert: Motorola is definitely trying a comeback, with launch of its Moto E, this app is introduced in the market which is Motorola alert and as the name suggests, this applications give alerts to your family or friends or loved ones. This is app is completely free and works in any android phone. This is safety application these days needed for everyone. Family spouses and set alerts and alerts will be sent to your registered family or friends.
  3.  NomNom Finder: This application is a cool new app which allows you to track down the food trucks on map and enjoy your most favourite foods. As food trucks are usually on the go and it’s very difficult to track them, this new app given you a wonderful opportunity to catch on to your favourite food truck and grab a bite rather than regretting.
  4.  Secret: If you’re looking for something fun to explore and the right word would be something “secretive” and “mysterious” then here’s a chance available for you. This amazing new app “secret” allows you to speak anything, share anything, post anything, re-post anything and the best part no one would know it’s you, that’s the fun part. Your own friends putting up embarrassing stuff and you yourself don’t know who that it because that’s a secret this app keeps.
  5. Yahoo! News Digest: Here comes Yahoo which is also trying to build in it’s image in the digital world circling around applications. Recently so many apps have tried to keep us updated with the news but we’re so much involved in our busy lives, we don’t ever have the time to spare 15 minutes per day for news. This app is again trying out the same thing, which gives alerts and updates in the morning and night to keep us in the loop. Try it out for free.
  6.  Snapchat: This cool new application is the combination of chat and snap, you can converse with friends via snaps and if the person is viewing the screen at the same time, video call is also available. Download for free and see it for yourself.
  7.  Whistle Camera: Want a selfie but tired of clicking the button all the time? Well here you go a whistle camera. Yes you read it rightly. Whistle and woah! The picture is taken. This application has boosted up in the month of May. Why don’t you try this one out.

These were some great applications launched in May and each app is different from another, check out these apps and let yourself have some fun with work.


These applications are worthy of your time.


Happy exploring!!

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Last modified: June 3, 2014