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Best Japanese Restaurant in Mumbai

People in Mumbai love Japanese foods very much. There are a number of Japanese restaurant in Mumbai. Eating Japanese food is probably one of the most interesting, pleasurable and satisfying dining experience you can ever have. Japanese restaurants and sushi bars are always filled with diners of all nationalities enjoying tempura, nigiri sushi, makimono sushi and sashimi and other dishes. Japanese cuisine is more than just its taste. People in Mumbai are also after traditional Japanese food because of their nutritive value.


The award-winning Wasabi by Morimoto in The Taj. It is located in Mumbai. It is top most Japanese restaurant in this city. The staff is so helpful and outstanding.


Popular and rocking, dramatically sliding glass panels and lotus ponds spin a cocoon of privacy around each table at this restaurant behind Radio Club in Colaba. Lamb in Wasabi Sauce and Prawns with creamy, spicy sauce are absolutely rocking at Tetsuma.

Sushi & More

Sushi & More is an India’s first stand-alone sushi store. Walk in to find a wide range of freshly prepared takeaway Japanese cuisine, including sushi and more – Tempuras, Gyozas, Bento Boxes, Teriyaki Skewers, Miso Soup, all tweaked to suit the Indian palate.


Spices restaurants that attempt to apply a tasty Asian food. Walk into the charming alfresco area with lamps and leaves into the indoor section done up in rust and rope-like installations taking care of all the guests.


It is the city’s only restaurant serving the deadly, poisonous, celebrated, expensive Fugu. It is Mumbai’s largest and best-looking Japanese restaurant. You can choose to sit at either of the two counters – Teppanyaki and Sushi. Fresh and sliced to perfection is their wide selection of sashimi.


Make your way to this awesome fairy-tale Asian castle with its lofty and majestic ceiling looming high and its mysteriously lit, rough, slate stone-clad walls and floor. Mumbai’s gutsy Japanese castle (Shiro) continues to rock.

The Bowl House

This one serves plenty of cuisines in its bowl. It’s a great place for Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines that are few and far between in Mumbai. To do justice to your palate, try one cuisine at a time and visit several times!


The loft like space across from Blue Frog is much bigger than Colaba, has soaring ceilings and exposed ducts, steel grey walls and red highlights. We all feel it could do with brighter lights. The best of Asian flavours from Burma, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam are here.

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