Best Punjabi Dishes

Punjab is the most foodie state of India. People of Punjab love to eat and serve the best food always. Makke di roti te sarson da saag, Aaloo ke paranthe with a glass full of butter milk, rajma-rice all these are the most lip-smacking dishes of Punjab. The state is well known across for its rich and healthy food. Also known as the highly productive cattle state of India, Punjab adds a real flavour of milk to its dishes like Dal Makhni, Malai Kofta etc to provide them with a rich Indian flavour. Non-veg dishes like Tandoori chicken, roshan ghosht, tandoori tikkas are also the speciality of the state. The chief ingredients used here in the dishes are ginger, garlic and onion. Listed below are the most liked Punjabi dishes. Do suggest adding more to it.

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