Best Rajasthani Foods

Rajasthani Food is liked all across the country. Be it Papad, achaar, daal baati churma, ghevar or whatever. Rajasthani snacks specially the sun-dried one like vadiyan, papad etc. are famous worldwide and have taken a modern look too. The food cooked in Rajasthani homes is usually cooked in Desi ghee or clarified butter adding an exclusive aroma and mouth-watering taste to it. The consumption of dry-fruits is again the maximum in the state. Rajasthani foods like Gatte Ki Sabzi, Papad Ki Sabzi, Missi Roti have no competition at all. The Princely state is also famous for its non-vegetarian dishes like Kesar Murgh, Laal Maans and Bhuna Kukda. Rajasthani food is really spicy, flavory and very aromatic.

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